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Friday, 18 October 2013

Roy Hodgson - the Latest Victim of the Anti-Racist Inquisition

Peter Herbert, of the Society of Black Lawyers, doesn't like the word 'monkey'.

On Thursday various British newspapers reported that the manager of the England football team, Roy Hodgson, told a joke (during a team-talk) about monkey astronauts which was deemed offensive by a player or onlooker. The joke itself is clearly not racist in any way. The complainer, therefore, must have deemed the racism to be a consequence of the joke being told in the presence of black or mixed-race players. To put it bluntly, he must have believed that Hodgson meant black person by the word 'monkey'.


The black player Andros Townsend, one of the players to whom the joke was told, subsequently tweeted the following words:

"I don't know what all this fuss is about. No offence was meant and none was taken!"

The Football Association has given its 'full support' to Roy Hodgson. Nonetheless, many anti-racist professionals, including the human rights lawyer Peter Herbert (Chairman of the Association of Black Lawyers), saw this as yet more racism being 'swept under the carpet'.

Piara Powar, executive director of Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE), also seemed to agree with Peter Herbert; though he stayed clear of accusing Roy Hodgson of outright racism. He told the BBC:

"This was a silly phrase to use in a diverse workforce. I think some players will see it as a reflection of the type of language still used by some coaches and some attitudes that still prevail." 


Personally I think that if Piara Powar can't stop himself from associating black people with monkeys, then perhaps he should leave his professional anti-racist job and find work somewhere else.

What we have here is an example of the kind of absurdity and extremity which often happens during an inquisition of some kind. Just as during the witch hunts of the Inquisition, or during the height of 16th and 17th century moral and religious Puritanism, or even during Stalin's infamous purges again 'the enemies of the people', so the fight against racism is rapidly becoming more ridiculous and more and more extreme. As Stan Collymore (a well-known mixed-race football player) put it, the complaint against Roy Hodgson simply 'demeans every anti-racism campaigner'.

What I don't understand is why Roy Hodgson apologised. I've noted this many times before when people who've done nothing wrong nonetheless still feel the need to apologise. No doubt they do so because of the overwhelming pressure they feel from our puritanical guardians – in this case, from professional anti-racists. Yet the joke wasn't racist. It wasn't meant to be racist. And it shouldn't have even been taken as racist.

In addition, the idea that the England manager should be careful about using words like 'monkey', as advanced by Peter Herbert, is obscene and frightening. My bet is that the person who reported Hodgson was either a (positive) racist of the Leftist type or a black person who was similarly on the look out for racism. Alternatively, it may have been someone who wants to destroy Hodgson or a person who simply gets pleasure from causing trouble.

As talkSPORT's (a British sports radio station) Adrian Durham put it yesterday, the person who reported Roy Hodgson for racism must come clean. Only then will this ridiculous party-piece be cleared up. Incidentally, all the black and half-caste players of the England team have said that it wasn't racism. So who the hell was it who reported Hodgson in this shameful or perhaps cynical fashion?

Peter Herbert, the Chairman of the Association of Black Lawyers (who was talking on talkSPORT yesterday), seems to take Roy Hodgson's apology as a tacit acknowledgment of his racist guilt. This anti-racist zealot and frequent contributor to The Guardian (who believes that those who belong to the BNP should loose their jobs), could hardly stop himself foaming at the mouth over Roy Hodgson's monkey joke. In one breath he was saying that regardless of whether or not it was genuinely racist, it should still be thoroughly investigated. In the other breath, Herbert was also saying that Hodgson should have been fully aware of what it means, in racial terms, to talk about monkeys. I'm not sure whether he meant that talking about monkeys in the presence of black people is racist or that talking about monkeys at all is racist. Whatever the reality is, Peter Herbert appears to believe that, as anti-racists put it, 'the word has racist implications and repercussions'. This is perverse and absurd. 

Peter Herbert makes his money from fighting racism and no doubt he is ideologically/politically motivated as well. This may mean that this criticism of Herbert, as well as criticisms of him by other (white) people, will probably also be deemed racist by him. After all, Peter Herbert is black. And, in today's climate, any criticism of black people, as well as of Muslims, is deemed racist regardless of the fact that it is rarely, well, racist. The racism occurs because of the simple fact that the objects of such criticisms just happen to be black or brown. It really has become that simple and that sick.

It's often as if many – or at least some - pious anti-racists are either trying to prove their non-racist purity by citing even more perverse and ridiculous examples of what they take to be racism; or that they are simply racists themselves. That is, it may be many – or at least some - of the anti-racists themselves who have racist thoughts. Therefore in order to assuage the guilt they feel about their own racism, they project their racist thoughts into the minds and words of other people.

I've often thought that many anti-racist campaigners and loudmouths are probably the most racist people of all – especially the white, Leftist and middle-class ones. Like Nazis, their counterparts, when they see a person they immediately note his or her skin colour if it's not white. And that changes everything for them. They will automatically see that person as 'oppressed' or an as a victim of endless racism. Or, alternatively, as exotica to be patronised or condescended.

The black or brown man will thus become the unwilling victim of the white Leftist's own positive or 'inverted' racism. He will also become an experimental subject of his obsession with race and of his pious and grandstanding fight against every possible act of racism under the sun. Nonetheless, I'm saying all this in the full knowledge that the particular reporter of Roy Hodgson's supposed racism may well not be a Leftist. Despite that, in so many examples in our various anti-racist inquisitions, it's usually a Leftist activist or campaigner who's making all the noise. And he often does so either for his own political/ ideological ends or because, deep down, it is he who is the real racist.

The Joke Itself

Nasa decides to send a shuttle into space with two monkeys and an astronaut on board.

After months of training, they put all three in the shuttle and prepare for launch. Mission control announces: 'This is mission control to Monkey One. Do your stuff.'

The first monkey begins frantically typing and the shuttle takes off.

Two hours later, mission control centre announces: 'This is mission control to Monkey Two. Do your stuff.'

The second monkey starts typing like mad and the shuttle separates from its empty fuel tanks.

After another two hours mission control announces: 'This is mission control to astronaut...'

The astronaut interrupts, shouting: 'I know, I know - feed the monkeys and don't touch anything!'

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