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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tommy Robinson warned not to retweet death-threats - by Befordshire Police

Tommy Robinson has been told by Bedfordshire Police to stop retweeting the numerous death-threats he's getting against him (mainly from Muslims; though also possibly from a few Leftist whores-of-Islam)! He will be arrested if he does so because the police have said that "they are causing people distress". Some people have said that this has something to do the Communications Act. (I don’t know whether or not this act has just been remembered specifically for the purpose of shutting Mr Robinson up. Laws often come into action that way.)

And all this is just a couple of days after Mr Robinson was physically attacked by two known Leftist hooligans (possibly Dan Cole and Richard Purcell) and then, perversely, arrested for attempting to walk through an area which is almost a place of Muslim self-rule. (In the same manner in which Muslims are demanding self-rule or ‘autonomy’ in southern Thailand, southern Philippines, places in the former Soviet Union, China, etc.  ad infinitum.) Even the police called it "a Muslim area"; as they have done previously about the numerous Muslim ghettos or "enclaves" (as the French put it) throughout the U.K. This particular "Muslim area" is called the Tower Hamlets. It’s also often called the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets. This almost kuffar-free area, or at least substantial parts of it are (which is what Muslims also want for the West Bank, Gaza and the Middle East generally), was brought about with the kind and naive help of various Leftists, including Ken Livingstone, various councillors and ‘activists’.  (These Leftist have provided that help because they so love Islamism's totalitarianism and violence; as well as its supposedly ‘anti-capitalist’ stance, which they have attempted to utilise to further their own 150-year-old attempt to "smash capitalism".)

One thing that’s puzzling is why the EDL seems to have systematically failed to secure good lawyers and decent legal advice. It may be because the EDL simply hasn’t got the cash to do so. But it must also be because the so much of the legal establishment is not only left-wing; but often Trotskyist. There are dozens of high-ranking, posh Leftist lawyers who persistently seek out the perceived "enemies of capitalism" to defend and support, such as Abu Qatada, the IRA and any killer who they think will inflict some damage on the "capitalist system" - a capitalism, incidentally, which has sustained and fed them and even given them the fantastically well-paid jobs they have.  Shami Chakrabarti (of Liberty) and Gareth Peirce (the Trotskyist lawyer who first freed Abu Qatada), for example, would never defend any person who’s even remotely right-wing (by their standards) - at least not a right-winger who was politically active. The law, for these people, is simply a tool of the revolution or a means to destabilise the ‘capitalist system’. (Much of the ‘rights’ industry is also essentially about the radicalisation and destabilisation of the ‘capitalist system’; and even about outright revolution.)

All this partly explains why the EDL has had it so bad in recent years. Patriots and counter-jihadists need to seek out good lawyers who will defend and support them.

So even though it was Bedfordshire Police who warned Tommy Robinson not to retweet the death-threats against him, and it was the sharia-enforcing police of Tower Hamlets who arrested him on Saturday, we shouldn’t be completely comfortable with the anti-cop stuff you often hear. It's not completely the OB's fault as such; but their leaders at the top. And, following that, it's primarily the fault of the leaders in Parliament who lead the leaders of the OB.

And perhaps we shouldn’t go in for all that anti-cop stuff either because, in the end, they are professionally obliged to follow orders. They have to be professionals. It's the political climate that must be changed. The police won't change until that political climate has changed. You can't expect everyday coppers to take such a leap in the dark by, say, questioning the intimidation of Tommy Robinson or the appeasement of Angie Choudary. Professionals, in all walks of life, are shit-scared of going against the Leftist/PC status quo (or the ‘hegemony’, as Leftards put it). And that's understandable.

Despite all that, it still seems that the police nowadays aren't even hiding their political bias anymore because they believe that everyone's on their side against the oh-so-evil EDL (as well as being against all other patriot/counter-jihad groups).

But that's not true!

The Leftist Establishment, much of the media and Cameron are on their side; though millions of Brits most surely aren't. And I don't just mean supporters of the EDL. I mean the millions of other Brits who are sick of the appeasement of Islam; the appeasement of Muslims grooming gangs; the appeasement of Islamists and Islamoterrorists. And they’re also sick of the never-ending social(ist) experiment in mass immigration (which never touches the lives of our Champagne-socialist and Tory leaders); of the posh public-school boys running our country. (So many of whom went to the same schools, look the same, are the same age, dress the same, fake an Estuary English and so on.)

That, Mr Policeman, is what the British people are sick of today. And simply harassing Tommy Robinson, or even putting him in prison, won't change a thing.

The rage is growing.

The rage is growing because of what the police, among others, are doing to many British people; not because they aren’t doing enough to counteract  ‘fascism’, ‘racism’ or any other ‘ism’ the Left thinks up to further its own cause. And what cause is that? No less than the "destruction of capitalism"; just in case David Cameron, Nick Clegg and our police chiefs have forgotten.

Remember, the rage is growing.


  1. Paul, There is a very good barrister called Adrian Davies who has represented right wing dissidents before now.

    1. Just one? Then again, one is better than none. Try to pass it on to the EDL if you can. Cheers.

  2. There is an important statement by the Metropolitan Police about the arrest of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll last Saturday. See:

    1. Thanks for that Edgar. I posted it on my Facebook page with acknowledgements.