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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Muslim Immigrants Destroy the Island of Lampedusa

Lampedusa before...

Lampedusa after.

Just recently I read an incredible story about Lampedusa, which is a tiny island off the coast of Sicily. This island has a population of only 5,000 and yet, since around 2001, it has been the main entry point for tens of thousands of immigrants from Africa into Europe. In fact, 50,000 have arrived in Lampedusa in the last few years alone.

Can you believe that?

You could almost fill in the rest of the story yourself.  Since the alien invasion, the local women of Lampedusa have had to be accompanied in order to secure their safety, shops have been sacked, doors forced open, locals have returned home to find immigrants sitting at the dining table eating their food, and some indigenous people from Lampedusa have even found immigrant shit in their saucepans. In addition, the reception centre was burned down on two occasions, there have been two riots and a few cases of arson.

Nonetheless, two more absurd - if not as bad - things have also happened. The immigrants have complained about their ‘reception’ and the Pope has condemned the locals (using esoteric phrases such as ‘the globalisation of indifference’) for not being selfless and indeed suicidal.

I find it ludicrous that the immigrants complained about their reception. Clearly, because Muslim nations and peoples are failing on a massive scale in the Muslim world (surely all this unremitting failure must have at least something to do with Islam), and have done for centuries all the way back to their glorious ‘Golden Age’ in the 13th century (more than eight hundred years ago), they have come to Italy - and Europe generally - to rectify their self-created problems rather than put their own house in order. And, even though they have rarely learnt a European language, or Italian in this case, they’ve nonetheless learned the language of the European Left when they cry about their ‘rights’ and what they expect or demand from Europeans. (This is just like the Islamists and Muslims who learn the ‘discourse’ of the West - specifically of the Western Left - in order to further their own cause: words such as ‘rights’, ‘freedom’, ‘diversity’, ‘cohesion’ and so on which all mean either something completely different in Islam or don’t exist in that religion at all.)

As for the Pope. What he appears to be doing is what the pious Left has always done – grandstand its own supreme goodness and tolerance, even though, in the end, what they want - and what they will help bring about - will be far worse than anything they are crying about. But all that simply doesn’t matter to the Left. What matters are vacuous buzzwords such as ‘tolerance’, ‘rights’ and ‘justice’. Or, more truthfully, what matters is putting their own supreme tolerance and goodness on the main stage for all to see; even though that tolerance and goodness will result in more suffering and conflict in the long run. (In the same way that pacifists and ‘peaceniks’ often bring about worse situations and more deaths than there would otherwise have been – and all because of their cowardice or ideological conceits.)

Instead of the Left ‘lying for Justice’ (as it often does without a guilty conscience), it, in these types of cases, will allow people to die for their own pious, illogical and hypocritical conceptions of justice, tolerance and goodness.

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