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Friday, 28 June 2013

The Counter-Revolution Has Begun

Things are getting so bad and so blatantly perverse nowadays that there's no longer any possibility of turning back. The Leftist defence and support of all things perniciously Islamic and Muslim is getting more and more absurd by the day. So far, and in just a few weeks, we’ve had Leftist defences of the following things:

i) the Muslim grooming gangs in the UK, 
ii) the Rape Jihad in Norway and Sweden, 
iii) the persecution of non-Muslims in virtually every Muslim country,  
iv) the banning of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer alongside the entry into the UK of a true ‘hate preacher’ (who preachers about ‘death to homosexuals’, sex slavery in Syria, wife-beating, Jew-killing),  
v) the banning of over 40 counter-jihad pages on Facebook and so on.

When will it end?

And the worse things get the more the Left defends it all. This is so because some of them - or many of them! - want things to get worse. Leftist have always believed that

the worse things are for everyone else, the better things get for the revolutionaries and for the revolution.

This explains the blind spot Leftists have for each and every Islamic and Muslim misdemeanour. They know full well that they're defending the indefensible because doing so will help further either radicalisation or outright revolution itself.

Leftists must know, in their hearts, that the games up. They must know that in the Internet Age there’s no way of keeping the truth of Islam away from ‘the People’. After all, isn’t that why the Left loved the Internet in the early days? To them, it was a source of ‘alternative news’ and thus they simply assumed it would benefit the revolution or Leftism generally. They never thought, even for one moment, that it may have the opposite effect.

It has had the opposite effect, at least to an extent, because the Left didn’t really need the Internet in the first place (excepting the websites run by young, outré and ultra-extreme Leftists). The Left already had their Leftist views expressed every single day in much of the media: from the BBC, to the New Statesman, The Guardian, The Independent, etc.  
The Reverend Ray Gaston at a Respect meeting.

The Left has also already ‘taken over the institutions’; just as Gramsci commanded around eighty years ago. The ‘ruling hegemony’ is now Leftist. The Left rules the roost in much of the law, in most universities, in the charities, in the ‘rights industry’, in the ‘race industry’, to a lesser extent in local councils, in the local media (to some extent), even in various churches. The – young? -  Left  may laugh at that claim because they won't know that there have been many hard-core Communists in the various UK churches dating back to the 1920. We had Conrad Noel, the 'Red Vicar' in the 1920s who flew the red flag and the flag of Sinn Fein. And now we have the Reverend Ray Gaston (who 'lived for a year as a Muslim' and run for the Respect Part) in the UK and the 'liberation theologian' the Rev Jim Wallis in the United States. If you expect all your Leftists to wear Che Guevara t-shirts, shout on the streets and look hip then you’re bound to be surprised by all this history and current reality.

The Trotskyist lawyer, Gareth Peirce, at the heart of the Establishment. She freed Abu Qatada.

Of course many young Ultra-Leftists will also laugh at this statement because none of these media outlets and institutions has gone anywhere near far enough for them. These newspapers don’t often talk about ‘smashing fascism’, or about ‘taking control of the factories’, or about killing the 'Zionists and Nazis', etc. So the Ultra-Left will never believe the media has a Proper Leftist view on things until we have Year Zero, the Cultural Revolution, or the the blood of the 'reactionary' Che Guevara lusted for. (It’s a kind of ‘I’m-more-Left-than-thou’ machismo which is common to many young Leftists.)

So no amount of 'lying for Justice' can stop people from learning the truth about Islam. And because of that, the Left must realise that it’s probably going to be all downhill from here. Short of the Gulag, there’s not much more they can do about the ten million or more patriots in the UK and all those other millions of people who are highly suspicious and cynical about Islam being the Religion of Peace.

We know the truth about Islam. We also know that the Left defends Islam and Muslims no matter what and that they do so in order to further its own endless or 'permanent' revolution. A revolution that’s been going on since the 1960s and which has still not gone far enough for them – at least not according to Trotskyists, Communists and other Ultra-Leftists. Again, the UK will never be Leftist enough for these people until the Gulag is full of millions of patriots, right-wingers, ‘Zionists’, ‘bigots’, ‘Nazis’, ‘fascists’, ‘Islamophobes’, etc.

We are onto the totalitarian Left. Only in the Dreams of the Gulag, dreamed by Hope Not Hate and the SWP-UAF, is it all put back. But we aren't going to let them build a real Gulag or silence us in other ways.

Their game is up and it's only a matter of time before the real fight-back begins.

The Leftist whores-of-Islam have only themselves to blame for all this. It is their shameful appeasement of Islamofascism and terrorism, which they have repeatedly justified, rationalised and supported (partly for their own opportunistic ends but also because they can relate to Islamic totalitarianism and its cult of violence), which has provoked the counter-revolution.

Our time has come. The Leftist whores-of-Islam need to make way. The people have started to assert themselves and, in the end, there will be little they can do about it.

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