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Monday, 24 June 2013

Sharia Blasphemy Law via the United Nations (UN)

One of the largest UN groups is the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which includes an incredible 57 Muslim states.

For the last ten or so years it has been trying to get non-Muslim countries to implement sharia blasphemy law. But, of course, they don't call it ‘sharia blasphemy law’. That would be silly and counterproductive. They speak, instead, about 'hate crimes', 'human rights', 'racism' and 'disrespect'. That is, they very cleverly co-opt the language ofthe Western Left, as many Islamist groups do and have done since the 1960s, to get their Islamist way... and it's working!!!

The Western Left are either stupid and naïve or, like Unite Against Fascism (UAF), they know full well what's going on. UAF-SWP is at one with Islamist totalitarianism and for very many reasons. But they also believe that come the revolution these Islamists who they currently whore for, through the 'struggle against capitalism', will suddenly drop their Islamism and become Trotskyists or Marxist revolutionaries. They really believe this! That is, the theorists at the head of the UAF-SWP do. Whether the many (relatively speaking) white, middle-class student foot soldiers at the bottom do, is of course another matter. (Many young students are UAF for simple reasons of political fashion or to be seen as being politically hip.)

A video of the OIC and its long-running campaign for a global Islamic blasphemy law:

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