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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Pamela Geller/Robert Spencer Banned From the UK - Yet Countless Islamists/Jihadists Haven't Been

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have both been banned from entering the UK by the British Government.
Geller and Spencer were due to speak at an English Defence League (EDL) march in Woolwich, where Drummer Lee Rigby was killed. However, a Government spokesman said that their presence in the UK would "not [be] conducive to the public good". He added: "We condemn all those whose behaviours and views run counter to our shared values and will not stand for extremism in any form."

The Labour Party's Keith Vaz (who once tried to get Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses banned) has also got in on the act. He said: "The UK should never become a stage for inflammatory speakers who promote hate."
Both Geller and Spencer have responded by saying that the banning was "a striking blow against freedom" and that "the nation that gave the world the Magna Carta is dead".

The EDL's leader, Tommy Robinson, also responded by asking this question: "How many hate preachers are living in this country? It just shows what sort of a two-tier system we have here."
Robert Spencer, Kev Carrol, Pamela Geller & Tommy Robinson

This is both a very strange and disturbing case for the UK. Two activists who have spent their lives fighting against Islamist hate have themselves been called 'purveyors of hate' and therefore banned from entering the UK. Yet the UK has allowed numerous Islamists and even known jihadists into our country. On top of all that, the ones who are already here have been provided with copious state benefits, the best 'human rights lawyers' available, large houses, 24-hour security and God knows what else.

The talk about Spencer and Geller bringing about 'community violence' in the UK is surely the exact opposite of the truth. It's also yet another explicit threat from Muslims! Just one more threat from Muslims for the rest of us to do what we are told. What they are essentially saying is not that violence and unrest might occur if Spencer and Geller are allowed into this country. No. They are threatening that if the Government did allow them in, then they would make sure that there would be violence or unrest. They would more or less guarantee it.

This is exactly what has happened on many occasions before. Muslims and Islamic groups threatened us about Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses, Geert Wilders' visit to London, the Danish cartoons, the film The Innocence of Islam, not banning EDL demos, actions to stop British Muslim terrorist plots (the Birmingham CCTVs), etc. And each time the Government gave in! But what happens when this kind of appeasement repeatedly occurs? It's simple. Muslims and Islamic groups are inspired and encouraged to demand yet more and more from the Government.

The idea that Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller would seek to encourage racism or racist movements is of course utterly ridiculous. They would be the first victims of such racism or of such movements. For a start, Pamela Geller is Jewish and Robert Spencer's parents were from a place which is now part of Turkey. All the genuinely 'far right' or National Socialist groups in the UK despise the Jews almost as much as most Trotskyists and communists do. And they would probably see Robert Spencer as being Turkish or something.

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are in fact trying to nip UK civil war or unrest in the bud; not to cause it. Without people like this, that civil war, or at least widespread civil conflict, will come sooner than our leaders could possibly even dream of in their career-determined political realities. What do you expect from leaders and politicians whose world-views only span to the next election?

Our leaders should look around the world and see what's happening. They should look at Thailand, Nigeria, the Sudan, Kashmir, Burma, the Philippines, etc. (Just yesterday Chinese Muslims were in the news for entering the global jihad.) Everywhere there are Muslims there is civil conflict. Islam brings civil conflict with it because it demands Islamic supremacy even when Muslims are a minority. And, of course, when Muslims are the majority they demand either the outright death of 'unbelievers' or, instead, their oppression in an Islamic apartheid (dhimmi) system that has been part of Muslim history for 1,400 years.

What part of all this are our leaders failing to understand?

Muhammad al-Arefe, let into the UK at roughly the same time.
The communist group Hope Not Hate (which is not to say all its members/ supporters are communist, but certainly its leaders and founders) has had a lot to do with bringing about this ban. Hope Not Hate has of course had nothing to say about the very many Islamists and fundamentalist Muslims who have been allowed into the UK. Then again, neither has the British Government. For example, take Muhammad al-Arefe who was recently allowed into our country without even a whisper from either the Government or Hope Not Hate. This man has advocated Jew-hatred, wife-beating and violent jihad. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, on the other hand, have been attempting to do something about Jew-hatred, wife-beating, violent jihad and all the other charms of Islamism.

You may wonder why the Government listens to groups like Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism (UAF). It's precisely because these groups have no direct input in terms of central political power in Parliament; they spend all their time agitating for Muslims and Islamic causes. (This is how both radicalisation and the revolution are furthered in today's political climate.) In addition, these groups are made up of both Trotskyist and communist obsessives who style themselves as protectors of Muslims (thereby also advancing their own cause of radicalisation). They are very well funded – into the hundreds of thousands of pounds – by The Daily Mirror, various and many trade unions, the Government itself and numerous other bodies and individuals. Muslims and Islamic groups, of course, chip in their large or small bits too.

Above and beyond all this is the fact that these leftist groups can make the Government's life hard and the lives of individual politicians a misery, if they decide so to do. So they do have a lot of power. And if our leaders – in and out of Government – only look to the very near future, then it means nothing to them to give in to the intimidation or threats from leftist and Islamic groups. It is the easy and obvious thing to do if they don't want to incur their wrath or lose various Muslim block votes. Again, these politicians never see much further than the next election and their own very special and very important personal careers.

So it seems, according to the Government as well as their leftist whores-of-Islam, that Islamic violence and Islamism in the UK is OK; but criticising Islamic violence and Islamism is certainly not OK. Yes: criticising and trying to stop (Islamic) hate is, well, a 'hate crime'.

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