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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Kev Carroll/Tommy Robinson attacked & arrested as the attacker walks away

Yesterday, Tommy Robinson & Kevin Carroll, the leaders of the English Defence League, were arrested – but only after being assaulted by a hooligan. (The assault can be seen at 31 seconds.)They were walking through East London as part of a ‘Walk of Honour’, which has helped raise funds for the Amelia-Mae Charity.

I used to think that it was only the leaders of the police who were politically correct to an embarrassing degree - and then only for strictly career reasons. (The contemporary version of ‘only following orders’.)

Now I think that the PC 'hegemony', as well as copious amounts of Leftist theory, has filtered down to even the Boys in Blue at the bottom. After all, when you are spoon-fed Leftist or PC catechisms day after day (not always knowing they are all based on lots of Leftist theory), eventually you will believe them. I believed them once - until I got around to actually giving them some thought.

The attacker - Richard Purcell.

This was an utterly blatant case of political bias from the police. A man physically assaults Kevin Carroll and Tommy Robinson with his fists, in front of both cameras and around ten police, and they do precisely nothing! And they did nothing even though they knew it was all caught on camera. That's how confident the police are about their political bias. They know they have nothing to fear because they believe that everyone's on their side against the evil EDL.

The police did nothing because they know they don't need to do anything. Only groups like the EDL will make anything of this and they are all 'racists' and 'fascists' anyway. Thus they can be ignored even when violence is done against them. No one cares about what happens to them - certainly not the police. That's why the police have done zero about the numerous threats on Tommy and his family's life. They may even want him to be attacked so as to discourage him from political activism. That's why the BBC’s Andrew Neil made sure that his viewers were fully aware of Tommy's real name. He would have quite happily given his address too had he been able to.

And, bizarrely, the police think that this unscrupulous and hypocritical treatment of the EDL will improve 'community cohesion' and also help the fight against a largely fictitious 'Islamophobia'.

Perhaps most of the police really are 'thick' after all; as it used to be put in the old days. Either that, or they are simply the useful tools of political correctness and an Islamophile state.

But rather than this outrageous event toning down 'Islamophobia' or support for the EDL, it will strengthen it. That will be true of countless people! The dense police don't realise that. They must have little or no knowledge of political psychology and social history. That is, when people are systematically attacked, as the EDL and the working class generally are, then they will fight back. After all Leftist sociologists (are there non-Leftist ones?) have been telling us that for decades. The only problem is that they were never talking about groups like the EDL or the non-Leftist working class.

Dan Cole in red. Richard Cole in the background.

Anyway, just as long their pay-packets arrive on time (which can be guaranteed by singing the correct PC tunes) - nothing much else matters to most members of today's police force.

*) Note: The police may arrest this person now (or maybe they did later on yesterday) to stop any bad publicity. But the point is that they let him do the crime at the time and didn't do anything either then or immediately after. In other words, they were happy with the attack itself but won't be happy with the bad publicity it may bring about.

Details on the attackers can be found here and here.

The YouTube video in full:

  Can you believe that Dan Cole and Richard Purcell, the hypocrites who attacked Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll, are also involved in campaigns about 'civil liberties' and the environment?

These UAF-SWP/Trotskyist types are parasites and leeches on any cause they can lay their hands on; just as they were on rock concerts/groups in the past, various 'anti-racist' causes and movements, and, in the 1990s, they even discovered the environment and 'global issues'; along with Muslims and Islamism.

Civil liberties? If these people had power there wouldn't be any. As usual, when they talk about 'freedom', 'civil liberties', 'snoopers', etc. they are talking exclusively about their freedom, their civil liberties and people snooping on them and their ideological comrades. (National Socialists use these words in this self-referential way too.)

If the freedoms of their enemies are involved, or their enemies' civil liberties are threatened, or they themselves snoop on others, then that's just fine and dandy. Such hypocrisy.

They are talking about their freedom to destroy the freedom of others.

The civil liberties they need in order to deny civil liberties to every patriot and non-Leftist on the planet.

Their freedom to bring about a Gulag - because without a Gulag, and their version of the Cheka, how are these fucksters going to deal with the millions of people who despise them? The millions who will fight against their revolution? I wonder if they have even thought for a moment about that minor detail yet.

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