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Sunday, 23 June 2013

In Praise of True Statesmen: Obama & William Hague

Barack Hussein Obama sees himself as being a True Statesman. A True Statesman often sells himself to as a person who 'sees the harsh realities of contemporary geopolitics' and on not being a 'naive idealist' like all the ignorant plebs who have no experience of Real Politics.

That's the basic argument that British True Statesmen used about Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s. The basic idea is that you have to deal with those in power and those who you know will gain power in the future (as with the Taliban and the Sunni Islamists in Syria). These clever public schoolboys knew about realpolitik and were not mislead by various the people’s various 'idealisms' - such as the idealism of seeing Hitler and the Nazis, or the Taliban, or the Islamists, for what they are.

We are all naive and only clever statesmen - like Cameron and William Hague – understand the Harsh Realities of politics.

So we must try harder to think like them and thus support them. To be more politically astute by, say, sending more millions of dollars' worth of weapons to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood; whose main gaol has always been to ‘strive in the way of jihad’ – but that’s ‘just rhetoric’ according to the Foreign Office. Now that really is politically astute. What about making political friends with the Taliban, as Obama is currently suggesting or doing? Or what about sending weapons to the Syrian (platonic) Opposition-with-a-capital-‘O’ (you know, the Sunni Islamists who are sometimes also keen on a bit of cannibalism)?

We really must get to grip with realpolitik and stop this namby-pamby stuff about fighting Islamofascism; just as we were namby-pamby enough to believe we should have fought Hitler… Oh, we did, but no thanks to the BBC and the many True Statesmen whose realpolitik actually amounted to appeasement or even basic sympathy for the Nazis; just as today there is a lot of hidden – and sometimes not so hidden – sympathy for the Islamists abroad.

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