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Friday, 24 May 2013

The Times on ‘Far Right’ Reactions to the Woolwich Murder

The idea that the EDL and other counter-jihadist groups are ‘exploiting the murder in Woolwich’ is ridiculous. These counter-jihadist movements were created specifically to counter Islamic extremism. So what does The Times, and other critics, expect the EDL and other such groups to do after this murder? Does the editor expect counter-jihadists to send letters to The Times? Do they expect counter-jihadist groups to chat about these issues at their local dawah– sorry, interfaith - meeting?

These movements, unlike The Times and many other outlets, highlight Muslim extremism all year round. If anything, it’s newspapers like The Times, which only discuss these issues after a murder or the latest terrorist outrage, which exploits these issues. It’s The Times which offers superficial accounts of ‘communities standing together’ and Muslim murderers ‘distorting Islam’. The rest of the time I guess its editors, and even many of its journalists, will have hardly given Islamic terrorism - let alone Islam itself! - a second's thought. They are too busy looking into the parliamentary very-near future and the latest contrived and empty argument between Miliband and Cameron.

The Times also talked about the ‘xenophobic insults’ its reporter viewed. Were they truly xenophobic or just critical of Muslims and Islam? Has criticism of Islam morphed in xenophobia just as it has also morphed in ‘racism' and even ‘fascism’?

The Times is just going through the motions again; just as it did (for a very short time) after the EDL and other non-party-political groups brought Muslim grooming to its attention. I bet it can't wait for the latest pseudo-argument between Cameron and Miliband. I bet it can’t wait to get on with some real parliamentary politics and stop faffing about with all this jihad stuff and nonsense.

The other things about The Times piece on ‘far right’ reactions to the Woolwich murder is that it accepts all the Muslim reports of vandalism towards mosques, etc. as gospel. It’s well-known that Islamic or Muslim groups often lie about such things. They have faked attacks and even placed pigs heads outside mosques. The temptation of such groups to do such things must be great because once the eye is on the 'far right' instead of on Muslims, then everything can remain just as it was. Indeed The Guardian and other sources seem to have focused more on ‘far-right reactions' to this murder than on the murder itself... 

My God, wasn't Anders Behring Breivik a godsend to these Leftists/Left-Liberals and even to The Times? That is, one single non-Islamic political atrocity in Europe in the fifteen years or so, amongst the thousands of Islamic acts of terror and foiled plots both at home and abroad, and the Left is still fixated on Breivik. So much so that Hope Not Hate, for example, only discovered the reality of terrorism once Breivik committed his acts in Norway. Until then, they had completely ignored Muslim violence - which occurs every day and exists on a huge scale - both at home and abroad. That's what Leftist dogma and theory does to you folks. It makes you blind in one eye. But only in one eye. It leaves one eye free to keep a look out for every tiny misdemeanour of the EDL and other counter-jihadist groups.

The Times also mentions the infamous East London Mosque ( which ‘shares the ideology of Jamaat-e-Islami and the Muslim Brotherhood’) and Islamic Centre and quotes a Salman Farsi, who says:

"We're trying to fight off two kinds of extremist group - the far Right and we're trying to fight off these extremist groups within our own community.”

The Times, however, doesn’t think to ask him how, exactly, they are fighting the extremists in their own community. In fact, apart from talking to the BBC, The Guardian and whatnot, how else do these people 'fight’ their own extremists? In any case, they aren't doing a very good job of it because it's always the British police and security services who discover the latest Muslim plot; never Muslims themselves. In fact Islamic and Muslim groups, along with their Leftist enablers, do their very best to stop our security services and police from uncovering such things; as the Muslim and Leftist battle against the Birmingham CCTVs-against-terror graphically shows. In fact Lord Ahmed promised, or threatened, ‘civil unrest’ if the CCTVs weren’t taken down. They were quickly taken down.

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  1. If only as much attention has been given to English being attacked in their own country. Back in 1998 Amer Mirza attempted to petrol-bomb British army barracks. Nine years later Muslim men were found guilty of plotting to take a soldier to a lock-up garage and cut off his head "like a pig." They wanted to film this act on camera and send it around the world to cause maximum terror. Then al Muhajiroun protested at a homecoming parade in Luton for British troops returning from Afghanistan, carrying banners saying "go to hell," "butchers" and "terrorists." British police protected them from justifiably angry British people. All I've read thus far is how everything is fine, Muslims are wonderful, and how unfortunate it is that Englishmen seem to have had enough.