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Monday, 15 April 2013

Patriots & Nazis Don’t Agree on the State/Government

This is what distinguishes patriots (as well as some nationalists) from National Socialists:

State-worship is not the same as patriotism.

However, English National Socialists will say that they're against the state too; just like patriots. However, patriots aren’t necessarily against the state or government; they just don’t confuse love of the state/government with patriotism.

In any case, National Socialists aren’t against the state (in the abstract).

The equation is simple:

National Socialists are against the current state.


Because it’s not a National Socialist state.

If it were a National Socialist state, Nazis would worship it; as Nazism demands. Indeed because Nation Socialism is essentially about the worship of the National Socialist state, Nazis wouldn’t think twice about annihilating the patriots who didn’t worship that state. They'd also annihilate all the patriots who didn't do (or think) the things that the Nazi state (or the Nazi Party) required of them.

In addition, when National Socialists talk about the government or state "censoring views”, “limiting freedom of speech”, or “silencing certain opinions”, etc. - they mean their views, their freedom of speech, their opinions, etc. If the National Socialists gained power, they would censor views, limit free speech, etc. on a scale that would make our Government seem libertarian. They hate the government not for its hatred of free speech - but for its hatred of National Socialist free speech. Apart from National Socialist free speech, Nazis don't believe in free speech at all.

Exactly the same can be said, of course, about International Socialists or Leftists - those duplicates of the Nazis who also often cry about their lack of power and lack of a voice; though who would happily silence everybody else's.

Incidentally, this massive difference between patriotism and National Socialism/fascism is conveniently ignored by International Socialists (or Leftists). They like being able to fuse patriotism with Nazism - all the better to destroy them both. However, the terrible fact is that International Socialists share far more with National Socialists than patriots do! This isn't a surprise considering that the two groups are both totalitarian and socialist.

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