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Monday, 15 April 2013

Is Europe Really at War With Islam?

We are at war with Islam. That’s a fact - even now, here, in the UK and Europe. “Being at war with Islam” is not synonymous with “being at war with all Muslims”. However, in order to be at war with Islam clearly we must also be at war with some – or many – Muslims.

Muslims will keep on demanding more accommodations to Islam (to sharia law).

Muslims will continue breeding faster the non-Muslims.

Muslims will keep on demanding Sharia Blasphemy Law here in the UK. (The banning of ‘hate speech’; i.e. the criticism of Islam.)

Muslims will keep on bombing the West. (Just as with Israel, the lack of successful terrorist attempts recently in the West is not down to Islamoterrorist moderation or Islamic hudna (an Islamic/Muslim “ceasefire” for strategic reasons); but to their plots being continuously uncovered/discovered by the police and our security services.)

Muslim will keep on taking over non-Muslim neighbourhoods in Birmingham, Bradford and so on; just as it has taken over much of Sweden’s Malmo and even much of Paris.

We have no choice. Muslims will keep on demanding. More and more Muslim ghettos will be created. The population of Muslims will keep on rising. More and more women will be raped. More places will be subject to more Muslim riots. Look at history at look at the world around you. We have it better than non-Muslims in the Muslim world simply because we, now, are the majority. When things begin to change, as they already are changing, the UK will resemble southern Thailand, southern Philippines, Burma, the Sudan, the situation for Christians and non-Muslims in Pakistan, Egypt and so on.

And all along, liberals and leftists will keep on rationalising Islamic violence as if all Muslims are children without either free will or conscience. They will call it “payback time” for the West’s evil doings in the Islamic world. They will never stop patronising Muslims and rationalising the many daily attacks on the West and on non-Muslims in the very many other hotspots in the world.

In this entire context, if we don’t develop a ‘war-mentality’, we will lose. We will be obliterated.

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