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Sunday, 14 April 2013

A leftist celebrated Thatcher's death & called her a "tyrant"

A woman who's against "tyrants" flying the Communist/Soviet flag.

Just after Margaret Thatcher died last week, a woman carried out an internet campaign to organise street parties to “celebrate” her death. Her name was Romany Blythe, a 45-year-old community drama teacher from south London.

She claimed she had invited more than 5,300 people to a “flash party” to mark Lady Thatcher’s passing, with the message: “Anyone else like to join us?”

This self-described "Leftist" also said:

“Come and celebrate our liberty and freedom from tyranny!"

Fucking bizarre! Thatcher left office in 1990 - 23 years ago! In addition, I love her Leftist soundbite: "freedom from tyranny". How ridiculous! Thatcher may have been many things but she wasn’t a tyrant. Even if we accept she was dogmatic, stubborn, etc. that still didn’t make her a tyrant.

Whatever you think about Thatcher, everything she did she still did within - an admittedly flawed -democratic system. She supported democracy even though she was a “strong leader” – there is no contradiction between being a strong leader and embracing democracy (remember Churchill?). Within a system of democracy, a leader may well even ride roughshod over what they can ride roughshod over – but it’s still all within the democratic system.

Also, sometimes, in a democracy, things happen that you don't like simply because *a lot of people DO like them* (as with Thatcher's policies). It’s clear that Leftist totalitarians (see her flying the Communist/Soviet flag) like this woman simply refuse to accept the fact that some people disagree with them; and especially when they have political power to act on those political differences. But that’s democracy, Lefty! I know you don’t think “capitalist democracy” is real democracy. Real democracy, to her, is a system when only people like her have power and when all the Thatchers of this world end up in the Gulag or a victim of the Lesser Gulag – the Leftists’ ubiquitous “no platform policy”.

If the totalitarian Left, such as this woman, don't like democracy, then that's their problem. And we know that anyway.

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