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Monday, 11 March 2013

“Yeh, blame Islam for WW2, the atom bomb, the opium wars…”

Mohammed Shuaib Sheikh: “Ye, blame Islam for WW1 and WW2, the atom bomb, the opium wars, the plundering of the resources of the world and the robbing each other of their hard stolen resources on high seas and in the Channel. The nations involved: Spanish, Belgians, French, Italians, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegians and so on and all Muslim? No sorry the followers of peace-loving religion, Christianity.”

This is a classic case of Muslim WHATABOUTISM. (Usually leftists indulge in this pastime.)
The argument (if it actually is an argument) is this: 

How dare you criticise Muslims or Islam when Christians, or Christianity, has done Y, X and Z [bad things] in the past?

I’m not sure what exactly goes on in the head of a Muslim of Leftist WHATABOUTIST. Is the argument this? -

Because the West, or Christians, has done X, Y and Z in the past, then what Muslims are doing today cannot be wrong.

Or is it this? - 

Because Christians, or the West, has done X, Y and Z in the past then you have no right to criticise Islam or the behaviour of Muslims (as Muslims) today.

Even if Christians, or the West, did X, Y and Z in the past, does it stop it from being the case that what Muslims are doing today is wrong? How does that work? Perhaps Muslims today are in the wrong and Christians in the past were also in the wrong.

The Leftist or Muslim WHATABOUTIST simply assumes that you, and indeed every other non-Leftist or non-Muslim critic of Islam, is a Christian - or even a Christian apologist for every Christian and Western crime and vice in the past. That simply doesn’t follow. What if the critic of Islam is an atheist or even a non-Trotskyist/Communist socialist (therefore not an automatic enabler of Islam and Muslims)?

In addition, how was Christianity itself to blame for “WW1 and WW2 and Atom bomb and the opium wars” etc. as this man suggests? How the hell can a religion based on the New Testament be to blame for all that? Yes; most of the offenders were Christian. But they didn’t do what they did because of Christianity or on behalf of Christianity. Certainly not things like the Opium Wars and the atomic bomb. Islamic extremists and terrorists, on the other hand, a forever quoting from the Koran and from the life of Muhammad. Who says they are wrong to do so? Sure, many outrageous acts were committed in the West in the name of Christianity. But you’d be hard pressed to find justification for them in the New Testament on in the life of Christ. The Koran, on the other, has over a 100 passages that explicitly incite and endorse violent jihad against “unbelievers”. There are very many other passages that spout hate against unbelievers and say that Muslims should never befriend non-Muslims.

Again, even if all these act in the past were indeed “Christian acts” how does that make what Muslims do today acceptable? Why should that Christian past stop us from criticising Islam and the behaviour of Muslims today? There are no Christian terrorists today. There are no Christian slave-traders today. And even if the interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan were carried out by Christians, they were not done in adherence to Christianity as such. This is not the case with the Taliban, al-Qaeda and the hundreds of acts of violence each week that are done with the words of the Koran on the mouths of the perpetrators.

All this boils down to very many contemporary Muslims failing to see that not every act done by a Christian country, or by a Christian individual, is done because of Christianity or on behalf of Christianity. That’s because this is not the case in Muslim societies where Islam is still all-encompassing and there is often hardly even a semblance of a separation of Islam from politics. Because of that, for example, they see the dozen or so Jewish (by blood) MPs in Parliament as “Judaic” or “Jewish MPs” (“belonging to the Tribe of Judah”, as a spokesman for the MCB put it). Every MP in Parliament who happens to be a Christian, according to Muslims, is a “Christian MP”. In addition, because Western countries are seen as “Christian countries” by Muslims, the interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq were deemed as “Christian invasions” Indeed they were the acts of “Christian crusaders”! 

Muslims fail to realise that unlike Muslim states, the West is a secular. In fact the secularisation of the West has been going on since at least the 13th century and it even has secular roots which go back before that. 

Muslims, therefore, project their own religion/Islam-monomania onto the West and onto Christians. They believe that we too - all of us! - are a fundamentalist and theocratic just as they are. How wrong they are. And the fact that they don’t realise the secular reality (fundamentally also influenced by Christian traditions) of the West shows us that many such Muslims are not assimilated into our society. They still live, effectively, in the 8th century.

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