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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Today's rape crisis in the SWP-UAF will not kill it

The SWP'S Amy Leather, who sat on the Party's "disputes committee".
It's been reported (in various national newspapers) that the Socialist Workers Party (the controlling group of United Against Fascism) covered up nine rapes carried out by leading figures from within the movement on its own female members.

The SWP set up its own Kangaroo court (not that unlike its Central Committee) to investigate. Predictably, the court cleared an official of raping a teenage member.

Despite the SWP leadership being subject to an unprecedented motion of no confidence last week, it nevertheless survived. Such is the nature of the SWP’s Leninist “democratic centralism”. Something called the SWP’s “disputes committee” heard nine separate allegations of rape. One victim, who's already quit the Party, came forward with her own testimony.
None of this will kill the SWP-UAF.

If a party is unscrupulous, hypocritical and without any genuine principles (other than “destroy capitalism at all costs”), then nothing bad will affect it in any large way.

The SWP has survived many times before. It's been going for around 50 years.

Indeed Trotskyists happily admit that they're unscrupulous. They don’t use those precise words; though. One way they put it this:

                    Revolution and radicalisation "by any means necessary".

The words “by any means necessary” are often used by Trotskyists, as they were also used by the Black Panthers. In fact, all Leninist groups have stood by that dictum even without using those same words.
That is, by covering up rapes, supporting Islamists, terrorists, Muslim groomers and rapists. And now, supporting and defending rapists within their own party.

Trotskyism is a kind of macho politics which wears its unscrupulousness on its sleeve. Trotskyists pride themselves on their violence and extremism - all rationalised because such things are needed in order to destroy "the capitalist state" – which is utterly, completely and uniquely evil (another word they never use). Indeed their Leninist/Stalinist centralism is part of the "by any means necessary" SWP ethic. Only dictatorial centralism (along with supporting Muslim extremists, etc.) will further the white, middle-class Trotskyist revolution.

By any means necessary, eh?

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