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Friday, 29 March 2013

Three British Muslim women raped in Libya

The news tells us that three female British activists - of Pakistani origin - were raped by Libyan Islamist militiamen in the eastern city of Benghazi; after joining an aid convoy bound for Gaza to break an Israeli blockade. The UK Muslim women were kidnapped on Tuesday on their way to the Benghazi airport after deciding to return to Britain.

Al-Barassi told Libya al-Hurra TV late Thursday that the women were in "very bad shape." Two of the women are sisters and their father witnessed the rape of the women.

We’ve got to realise that we're being sold various fake Islams in the West.

We're sold the fake Islam of the Church of Interfaith (the interfaith movement), of many Guardian articles, of BBC Radio 2’s ‘Pause For Thought’ and so on.

Rape happens in all cultures, sure. Though in Islam it's both intrinsic and ubiquitous. It's essential and everywhere.

Even these Western Muslims girls might have been sold a fake Islam. And they've learned the hard way. After all, as Muslim women alone, they deserved to be raped by Muslim men. Just as Muslim career women deserved to be raped. And female Muslims out of the burka and hijab deserve to be raped too.

They too may have thought that Islam is the way it's portrayed in Guardian articles, in the Interfaith Movement, or on Radio 2’ ‘Pause For Thought’. It’s not.

History tells us the truth about Islam. What’s happening in the world around us tell us the truth about Islam. What sometimes happens in the West -  Guardian Islam - is against the norm of Islam. Why is that? Because Islam in the West has neither the political power nor the numbers, as yet, to impose the harsh and ugly reality of Islam that is the reality everywhere else. That is, where Islam has the political power and numbers. As it does in Libya, where these Western Muslims were raped.

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