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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Closing Down of the Muslim Mind

Haven't Muslims heard of the notion of "contradiction"? This guy says he doesn't believe that Islam encourages and endorses violent jihad but then goes on to say that he will "kill the motherfuckers" who say that it does.

This has happened repeatedly. Muslims riot, bomb and kill in response to people who say that "Muslims riot, bomb and kill". Or they kill in response to the claim that "Islam encourages killing".
How dense can you get?

Of course Muslims do think logically and critically – but not when it comes to Islam itself. Then the mind shuts down completely. It must do. It has been forced to shut down since each Muslim’s birth. There is no criticism or proper theology in Islam. All you get is “commentaries” which are far from being either theology or criticism. (“Biblical criticism” and “Talmudic criticism” didn’t necessarily or always mean criticism in the negative sense. It’s closer to analysis in certain respects.) 

Living in a world of Sharia Blasphemy Law and Sharia Apostasy Law also helps close down the Muslim mind. Also, if being a Muslim is more or less your entirely identity, and your community will disinherit you if you ask any questions about Islam, then the comments above become understandable. 

The crude vernacular language above is replicated by middle-class and even academic Muslims – only they tart it up with taqiyya and obfuscation and a lack of swear words.

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