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Friday, 1 March 2013

Saturday's EDL Demo in Manchester

i) Manchester is the place which had a Lord Mayor, Afzal Khan, who’s part of the Muslim Brotherhood. That is, part of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), a branch, like HAMAS, of the Muslim Brotherhood.

ii) Greater Manchester in the place that has had – and still has - a massive problem with Muslims sex-grooming of our young girls.

iii) Manchester is the place in which only the other week Manchester University allowed a Muslim speaker to encourage and endorse the stoning of adulterers and the killing of gays. She said:

“There aren’t Muslims who could say to you that it’s not part of Islam to stone an adulterer.”

iv) Manchester in the place in which “Muslim squat toilets” have been installed in shopping centers in order to accommodate every kind of (Muslim) Diversity.

v) Manchester city center was the place where a Muslims gang raped a man and, elsewhere in Greater Manchester, where they rape non-Muslim women and girls to assert their Islamic identity and punish the “unbeliever”.

vi) Manchester is the place in which the massive problem of Muslim-grooming was explained away by its Assistant Chief Constable, Steve Heywood, who said that Muslim-sex-grooming

"is not a [Muslim] issue. … It just happens that in this particular area and time the demographics were that these were Asian men."
Manchester Evening News has objectively warned its readers to be “braced” for the EDL demo tomorrow.

The demo will start in the city center at 1pm.

Over 500 hundred people have said they that they’re going to attend this demo. So let’s hope there will be more than that and those who have vowed to attend – attend!

Of course the Manchester Evening News has also stressed, yet again, the “costs of the operation”. This is also often the argument of anti-EDL Trotskyist/Communist and Islamist groups. That’s strange because these groups don’t usually talk about money at all (they criticise “Tories” for doing so). They even promise jam sandwiches for all regardless of cost. And local Labour and Liberal councillors don’t usually care that much about “costs” – at least when they’re out of power.

What about the "costs" of all the legal processes, from arrests to court-processes, which have occurred because of all the Muslim sex-grooming and the convictions; let alone the cost of the police investigations?

Much more importantly than that. What about the costs to the lives of the groomed kuffar women and girls?

What about the costs we may pay in the future, in terms of increased sharia law, more violent jihad activity in our towns and cities, and even the cost of a possible future civil war?

The English people should (!) – and often does – disregard “costs” when it comes to safeguarding the well-being of our young girls and our freedoms. Any cost is worth it if that cost militates against the every-increasing Islamisation of England.

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