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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lord Ahmed suspended from Labour Party for Jew-hatred

i)                    This is the man who threatened “civil unrest” if the Birmingham “spy cameras” were not taken down. They were taken down. (See video below.)
ii)                   This is the guy who said that Muslim groomers “were the real victims”.
iii)                 This is the man who put a “bounty” on the heads of both Barack Obama and George Bush.
iv)                 This is the man who spoke out against Salman Rushdie and who “understood” the violent acts against him. (See video below.)
v)                  This is the guy who killed someone while speeding and texting in his car and then blamed his mild sentence of “the Jews”.
vi)                 This is the man who is an extreme Islamist.
vii)               This is the man who was made a British Lord.
Image above. These Two Muslim parliamentarians, Baroness Warsi and Lord Ahmed, had this meeting the Sudanese Islamist dictator, Omar al-Bashir, fairly recently. Al-Bshir was responsible for, at the least, two million deaths – that of south Sudanese black (non-Arabic/Muslim) Christians and animists. That is well over 1,900,000 (one million nine-hundred thousand) more deaths than have occurred in the entire Palestine-Israel conflict in the last sixty years. However, that Sudanese massive death-count took only around 15 years. 

Yet Lord Ahmed would never shake the hands of an Israeli… or probably any Jew!

Only Palestinians & Muslims bleed, eh, Lord Ahmed?!

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