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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Is Terrorism the Same as Western Intervention?

Muslim Turks on their way to kill more Muslim Kurds.
FYI: “Muslims who plot to blow up Western civilians are rightly called terrorist. Western acts of terrorism against Muslim countries that kill and destroy millions, be it through invasion and occupation or drone bombings etc., are classed as 'interventions'. Leaders of Al-Qaeda are hunted and assassinated or, rarely, arrested, yet the western leaders who send soldiers to attack the defenceless and the military commanders who authorize the use of indiscriminate bombings will never be held to account for the crimes that they have committed. As was with the IRA decades ago, the powers that be and the media will distort the tangible motives for these attacks and refuse to address the root issues UNTIL it is no longer of benefit for western nations to invade, occupy, bomb or interfere in the affairs of Muslim nations.”

This man mentions Muslim terrorism and says it is equivalent, or even morally/ politically superior, to the Western “interventions” in Muslim countries in which Muslims are killed. 

The point is that Islamoterrorists go out of their way to kill innocent civilians; whereas this is not the case for any Western intervention. It’s not even the case when it comes to “drone bombings” either. I will happily accept that Muslim civilians have been killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. But our armed forces, and the Government generally, are not going out of their way to kill civilians as Muslim terrorists do. I am even prepared to accept that on a few occasions our military forces have deliberately killed civilians. But, again, this is not Government policy and never has been. What’s more, we do not need to kill civilians because it is not civilians that we are at war with. We are at war with Muslim terrorists.

Why shouldn’t al-Qaeda terrorists be “hunted and assassinated”? Al Qaeda is taking part in a war, in its own words (!), with the West. In war, the enemy can indeed be hunted, assassinated and not arrested. In one breath Muslims say that "this is a war" and in the next they complain that Islamoterrorists are being “hunted, assassinated” and not being “arrested”. The notion of “arrest” does not function in war. “Arrest” is a legal concept applied in times of peace; not war.

And when do our forces “attack the defenceless” or indulge in “indiscriminate bombings”? This is just Islamist or Leftist rhetoric. If such things happened then we would certainly know about it. In fact, on the rare occasions that such things have happened, we have certainly got to know about it. Such things have been headline news in the past – such as that famous event in the Vietnam War, the village massacre of My Lai, or the prison camp in Iraq just after the 2003 war (Abu Ghraib). On the other hand, when Muslim nations or forces commit indiscriminate bombings and kill the defenceless, this time in their thousands, we hardly hear a thing because Arab Muslim nations largely belong to the “arc of silence” where the media is strictly controlled. Here in the West, on the other hand, we get to hear about everything that we do wrong. How many people here in the West know about Muslim Syria’s battle with the Muslim Brotherhood in 1982 in which 50,000 people died? How many people know that Muslim Turkey has killed over 20,000 Muslim Kurds over the last twenty years? How many people know about the war of extermination the Islamist state of Sudan carried out against black Africans?

Again and again Leftists and Muslims blame it all on the media. This man says that “the media distorts the tangible motives” of these terrorists. Really? Does the Guardian do that? The New Statesman? The Independent? And what about all those other leftist outlets as well as the Internet? When Leftists and Muslim talk about their platonic Media all they really mean is that they just can’t stomach the fact the some parts of the media disagree with them and, likewise, that some parts of the public disagree with them. So they dress up the distaste they have for the fact that people dare to disagree with them by conspiracy theories about the Media and “brainwashing”. What does “brainwashing by the media” really mean to these people? It means that some parts of the Media and public analyse the situation in a way that’s at odds with their own analysis. How dare we do that! These Muslims and Leftists must be mightily intelligent to transcend such media-brainwashing. The rest of us must be mightily stupid for being so easily brainwashed by the platonic Media!

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