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Sunday, 17 March 2013

"Iraq - 1.2 million dead" & it's all our fault!

See the caption - "Iraq - 1.2 million dead" to the Bob Pitt (Islamophobia Watch) video below? It’s a Stop the War Coalition (StWC) soundbite.

It's as if the West is entirely to blame for all that. Saddam Hussein was butchering over 30,000 Muslims a month at his peak. Millions of Sunni Muslims still admire him - so too did Arafat and Fatah. Many of the Sunni fighters today in Syria will still admire him. (Though not all.) Sunnis still admire him, and admired at the time, because he kept the Shia “heretics” and “unbelievers” in check. The Shia: who most Sunnis believe are also Jewish agents and even that the Shia religion is an offshoot of Judaism. 

Even those contemporary Sunni Islamists who have a problem with Saddam Hussein would only do so for Islamic reasons; not for reasons of his oppression of Shia Muslims or even because of his dictatorship. If Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship had been Islamic or Islamist, and not close, in respects, to the West, no amount of slaughter and oppression would have bothered contemporary Islamists. It was his lack of Islamic credentials and his being in hock (true or false) to the West that is the main problem for these Sunni Islamists. If slaughter and oppression is Islamic slaughter and oppression; there's no problem for most Sunni Islamists.

After his Hussein’s death, Sunnis and Shia were murdering each other on a massive scale. To blame the West for all that is typical Leftist racism. The inverted or positive racism which says that Muslim Arabs are children with no free will. Because these Arab Muslims are children, to middle-class Western Leftists, then that means that they are never to blame for anything they do - even when they kill each other. Instead, we Western adults – if only the “right-wing” ones - are to blame for everything that has happened in Iraq.

Muslims believe this too. They partly - but not entirely - tap into the self-infantilisation which their Leftist enablers provide for them.

There are millions of Muslims who blame “the West” for literally everything that has happened in the Muslim world in the 20th century and even before that. Hezbollah and Hamas explicitly make that claim. Yet before the 20th century Muslims were killing each other on a massive scale. Shia Muslims have been in a bloody war with Sunni Muslims for over a thousand years. During the various Caliphates and Empires there was huge starvation and poverty for poor Muslims; as well as a Sunni slavetrade which was far greater and lasted longer (up until this very day) than the Western slave trade.

Above all that there was oppression and dictatorship which had nothing to do with the West. It was basically to do with Islam and sharia law. (But good autocracy and good oppression because Islamic.)
Members of the Sunni Muslim Stop the War Coalition.

*) Apart from that. Is the figure of “1.2 million dead” correct in the first place? And even if it is – what does it actually mean? Have all the deaths in Iraq been included? What’s the time-scale anyway? Does this include natural deaths, murder and other non-political deaths? Maybe it does. Maybe the West is to blame for all non-political murders, for husbands killing their wives and every other kind of death in Iraq too! After all, although rape has always been rife in many Muslim societies, Amnesty International, for example, blamed the high levels of rape in Gaza on Israel.

Suffer not the Muslim children.

Never blame the Muslim children. 

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