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Friday, 8 February 2013

UK legal system stopped demo against Abu Qatada

Gareth Peirce (left, with beard) & Abu Qatada. The super-posh Peirce will support literally anyone, terrorists, groomers, etc., as long as this helps her, and others, chip away at the "capitalist state". She is part of the Leftist Legal Hegemony which rules the UK at present. So she is, despite her still chipping away at "the State", part of the Establishment and even part of the state. But clearly the State is not Trotskyist/Marxist enough for her; hence the continued activism.

Around a week ago, on the 2nd of February, a High Court granted an injunction against a demonstration outside the North London house of known Al-Qaeda terrorist, Abu Qatada.

They intended to go to Abu Qatada’s house (located at 180 Uppingham Avenue, Stanmore, HA7 2JT).
This was the first demonstration of the newly-formed street protest movement ‘English National Resistance’. However, one day prior to the intended demonstration,  Bindmans LLP, which specialises in ‘Human Rights Law’, were successful in gaining a High Court injunction againt the demo.
I wonder if the Socialist Unity member (+ former SWP) and rich lawyer, Gareth Peirce (who freed Abu Qatada on an earlier occasion), knew that both Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza (who she has also successfully defended) were essential players in the massive civil war in Algeria in the 1990s which resulted in over 200,000 deaths? (That's 150,000 more deaths, in only around ten years, than have died in the Israel-Palestine conflict in 60 years.)

Our governments knew that the Two Abu's (Hamza & Qatada) had extensive roles in various bloody Islamist conflicts abroad and were responsible for the organisation and propaganda that resulted in numerous deaths. But that didn't matter because there was/is an unwritten agreement that if these cunts don't literally bomb us; then they are free to do just about everything else to destroy the Kuffar System. (Perhaps they can even plan to bomb us; just not… well, actually bomb us.)

What does the former SWP-supporter, Gareth Peirce, think of the Two Abus role in mass death? Or is it only Jews and European whites (if only the "capitalist" ones) who aren't allowed to kill people?

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