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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tommy Robinson's Blood or his Republicanism?

Eddie Blue: “In my 30years of working all over GB, I have worked, socialised, and stayed in digs with many Irish and 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation Irish, keeping my own heritage to myself, but always intrigued to find out their politics. NEVER ONCE have I come across one that did not support the republican war machine

“So TOMMY IF you’re reading this and you can break my above ‘duck’ please come out and condemn th
ese men of violence who have bombed our cities, slaughtered our servicemen and innocent BRITISH patriots.

“After all, it would put a lot of skeletons to bed once and for all for yourself and many others, myself included. Don't you think?”

You have never once heard an English person of Irish ancestry/name who didn't support the "Republican war machine"? What about the Protestant ones and the ones of a Unionist Loyalist background? Did they support the Republicans?

Your statement sounds almost racial to me. It's as if you’re saying that if an English person is of Irish ancestry (not just Catholic?), then he MUST be Republican/IRA – “it's in his blood”. Apart from that, I have to say that I don't believe you. I have met loads of people with Irish names and Irish ancestry who hated the IRA and the entire Republican movement. More so. Most English people of Irish ancestry, however far back, had - and have - ZERO interest in "the Troubles". And why not!? They're English! Unless it is a racial thing. That is: English people with Irish names or ancestry must have little Irish genes inside their bodies telling them to support the IRA or Republicanism.

Because some English Nationalists have a strong interest in Ulster Loyalism (I’ve checked your page and you have only four “mutuals”; which means you’re probably not EDL and may not be English yourself), it doesn’t follow that Englishmen of an Irish Catholic background will have a strong interest in the IRA or Republicanism. Most of the Republicans I’ve met - and heard about - in the UK have been very-recent Irish or those staying in England but not English. Either that, or they are Americans or Leftists.

Why should Tommy specifically condemn the IRA or the New IRA (whatever it's called now) anyway? The EDL’s largely a single-issue movement devoted to fighting radical Islam. It’s not a political party. Tommy is no longer, either, a leader - or perhaps even a member - of British Freedom. And I even doubt that he HASN’T slagged-off the IRA, etc. How could you know? Are you asking for a public statement on this? I have a feeling that there probably is an anti-IRA statement from the EDL or Tommy somewhere.

Again, I think that this could well be racial in nature. That is, Tommy’s mother is Irish and Catholic. Therefore Tommy simply must be a supporter of the IRA. But is she Northern Irish or Irish? Many Irish Catholics hate the IRA. Many Catholics in Northern Ireland hate the IRA too. And, as I said, 2nd, 3rd, etc. generation English-Irish are even more likely to hate the IRA or Republicanism generally. Either that, or they don’t even think about these issues at all. (Not all people are political.)

As for the evidence of “Tommy’s Republicanism”. There is none. None of that evidence I’ve seen has been produced outside various Nazi groups and people who want to destroy the EDL. No national newspaper as ever mentioned such a thing. I don’t even think that Leftist groups have. And even if Leftist groups have done, that would simply be as an excuse or strategy to destroy Tommy and/or the EDL – exactly as it is with the far-right and racist enemies of the EDL.

Also, one bit of “evidence” I’ve seen is that Tommy was once in the same room “as a known Republican”. For a start, if Tommy had ever visited his family in Ireland, this couldn’t help but have been the case. And if Tommy has interacted with family members here in the UK, there probably were a few – or just one! - Republicans at the gatherings. That wouldn’t mean that he supports the IRA or even Republicanism generally.

Again, what happens is this. Because of the Proper Nationalists’ problems with Tommy’s RACE (and sometimes his mother’s religion), the Nazis work from there. That’s their starting point. They start with his RACE and then they find the “evidence”. The evidence, discovered no matter what, will then “prove” that someone of the Irish race (+ Catholic), i.e., Tommy, cannot be trusted and simply MUST support the IRA. But this way of reasoning is retarded and deserves zero respect.

*) As for your socialising with English Irish - that doesn’t amount to much and it doesn’t prove anything. I have known a few Nazis, by their own definition not mine, who have socialised with blacks and Asians. Because many Proper Nationalists and Nazis are pretty thick, that doesn’t cause them too much of a problem. If they’re in close proximity with blacks, etc., and can’t do anything about it, then they’ll happily socialise with them – especially if the black people are also “a laugh”. I've also met Nazis who listen to music made by blacks, as well as wearing black-ghetto clothes, etc.; just as many of Bradford’s Muslims wear kuffar clothes and listen to kuffar music.

*) In one breath the Proper Nationalists say that Tommy is a “Zionist” and in the next breath they accuse him of being a “Republican” and even “IRA”. There’s a big problem with this. The IRA and the Republican movement are - or were - fiercely anti-Zionist and have received training and funding from various Arab and Muslim groups. They are also staunch supporters of the "Palestinian cause”.

Similarly, there’s a strong and long tradition of Unionist and Loyalist support for Israel.

Eddie Blue's comment before I edited it:

Eddie Blue: “ In my 30years of working all over GB i have worked, socialised,stayed in diggs with many many irish and 2nd ,3rd ,4th genaration irish, keeping my own herritage to myself, but always intrigued to find out their politics. NEVER ONCE have i came accross one that did not support the republican war machine .So TOMMY IF your reading this and you can break my above "duck" please come out and condemn these men of violence who have bombed our cities ,slaughtered our servicemen and innocent BRITISH patriotes .
“After all it would put a lot of skeletons to bed once and for all for yourself and many others, myself included. Don't you think.?”

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  1. I am third generation Irish, born and raised in England, and proud to support the EDL. As a Roman Catholic I abhor the IRA, as I abhor any political or religious group that considers violence to be acceptable. That is why I am proud to have served in Northern Ireland with the British Army. Eddie Blue is an ignorant bigot.