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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tommy R is released & "Nationalists" criticise him!

After Tommy Robinson was released from prison, I noticed some bizarre comments about his passport-crime which came from “fellow patriots” and nationalists. The gist of the argument was that Tommy’s a hypocrite for speaking out against immigrants when he too tried to be an illegal immigrant by faking his passport into the United States.

As I said, this is bizarre. For a start, Tommy only used his fake passport in order to stay in the US for a single day (to attend a conference). Literally - for just a day.  Then again, his critics know this. Illegals don't use fake passports in order to stay in the US – or anywhere else – for a single day to. (Say, to attend a conference or do some shopping.)

In any case, he had to fake his passport because he wasn't allowed in the US because of his politics. Yet Muslims are allowed into the US in their millions. They’re just the legal ones. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have also entered the US. None of these illegals have entered the US only for a single day. Even the illegals who were found out would not have been deported within a day. Not a chance. So there is no comparison at all here with Tommy’s case.

The other hint is of Tommy’s criminality. The critic belongs to a Proper Nationalist (Nazi) group that has numerous criminals in its midst. The thing is, most of those criminals are not even political criminals – they’re simply criminals. Indeed the leader of this critic’s political group is himself a criminal who has faced many criminal charges.

As you’ve probably already guessed. The guy who mentioned Tommy's illegal passport had ulterior motives for doing so. He wasn’t really concerned with this “ironic immigrant” or his breaking the law of the US. He's a member of a Jew-hating group led by a person who has been clinically obsessed by the Jews since he was 14 years old (as was a certain Adolf Hitler). That's the real reason he slagged off Tommy; not for his law-breaking.

The fact that Tommy knows some Jews (Nazis and Leftists, like Galloway, prefer the term “Zionists” these days), and he has supported Israel, is at the heart of all this. But even if the EDL "moves away from its support of Israel", as some EDL have suggested, that won't be enough for these people. Besides which, the Nazis will then start talking about the fact that EDL support of blacks, Sikhs, Hindus, gays and even the Irish! In fact, they already have mentioned all these things. On this very thread another critic, from the same Proper Nationalist group, referred to Tommy’s Irish background and classed him as a “taig”. (The fact that Tommy has an Irish Catholic family, or at least partly, logical meant, to these illogical retards, that Tommy was a “Republican” or even IRA.) 

Ah! The irony of using the word "Respect" when talking about "Zionists".
You see? Are you getting the picture yet? That picture is this: racism. Pure racism. Simple-minded racism. It’s “all about race” as these simpleminded Proper Nationalists often put it. From that racism, from Tommy’s Irish DNA molecules and the fact that he once talked to a Jew, everything follows for the racist. There nothing else to think about.

So my position on the EDL and Jews is exactly like my position on the EDL and blacks, Sikhs, Hindus, etc. Take away the Jews/”Zionists” from the EDL, and the Proper Nationalists (Nazis) wouldn’t go away. They’d still have massive problems with the EDL. The “Zionist” card is just that – a means Proper Nationalists use in order to destroy the EDL. Get rid of the ‘Zionists”, and these Nazis would start asking us to do the same with blacks, Sikhs, Hindus, etc. So don’t buy this “Zionist” stuff – it’s just the beginning of the Proper Nationalist attempted destruction of the EDL.

These are some of the reasons why I think the EDL should never “unite” with any Nazi group. To do so would be both suicidal for the EDL and it would also contradict - and go against - many of the things it stands for. More than that. If we united with the Proper Nationalists the EDL’s popularity would dissipate dramatically and the media would be given even more of a reason to destroy us. The British people on the whole would be more likely to turn against us. This would ultimately mean that the fight against radical Islam would be put two or more steps back.

But these Nazis don’t mind being tiny “elite” or “vanguard” groups. That’s part of the appeal to them. Some of the Proper Nationalist parties have been attempting to gain power for over fifty years and they have systematically failed in the attempt. 

What’s more frightening than all that is their penchant for Islam. They secretly - and sometimes openly! - admire Islam’s totalitarianism (it’s like their own); they admire its love of violence and war; its Arabocentric racism and misogyny. But, most of all, they admire Islamic Jew-hatred.

The Proper Nationalist groups aren’t against Islam - they are against brown skin and the immigrants “who are taking our jobs”. The thing is, most Muslims are on benefits! They aren’t taking our jobs on the whole – they are destroying our communities. And most Muslims aren’t recent immigrants anyway. 

But because of their admiration of Islamic Jew-hatred, allied with their own obsession with Jews, can Proper Nationalists be trusted if there ever was a civil war against some Muslims in this country? They’d be more likely to fight the Jews, the “Zionist EDL”, the “Zionist Government”, the “Zionist parliament”, the “Zionist media”, the “Zionist universities”, the "Zionist postal service", the “Zionist” this, that and the other. Their Jew-obsession would render them useless. More than useless: dangerous.

No unity with Nazis!

*) I use the term “Jew-obsession” a lot. Some critics may say that I’m obsessively defensive of the Jews; or that I too am obsessed with the Jews (only positively). 

I’m not really. What I’m obsessed with, and have been for some time, is the Nazi and Leftist obsession with the Jews. I’m obsessed with their obsession. That Jew-obsession betrays so much more about these Nazis and Leftists: both in terms of their personalities (psychologies) and their overall “politics”. Most of all, it betrays their shared totalitarianism and everything which goes with it: their black-and-white world-versions; their numerous conspiracy theories (not all – but mainly – about the Jews) which are required to sustain them; their hatred of what they both call “capitalist democracy”; and so much more. Hell, Proper Nationalist groups even go on about “neo-cons” these days. Is there anything which truly distinguishes Leftists from Nazis these days? But why the surprise? What are Nazis? They are National SOCIALISTS!

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