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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The BBC's NO Platform Policy on Churchill & Islam's Critics

Churchill committing Hate Crimes against Islam and Muslims.

Did you know that the BBC systematically censored Winston Churchill in the period up to 1939 and the outbreak of war with the Nazis? It did so because Churchill told the truth about Hitler and his Nazi automatons. What a disgraceful piece of prescience on Churchill’s part. Didn’t he care about Cohesion with the Nazis or Embracing the Diversity that was Hitler? Was he a Hitlerophobe as well as a racist towards Germans? He must have also been Bigoted towards these socialists of a nationalist kind.

The Pious and Ever-So-Nice BBC carried out its No Platform Policy (NPP) on Churchill’s Naziophobia because they thought he was stirring things up against Germany. The BBC (certainly its controllers and the politicians who had close ties with the institution) thought that Hitler was a Moderate and a really nice man who embraced our own values and believed in Cohesion. They also thought that Nazism was the Ideology of Peace and that only Ernst Rohm’s Brown Shirts were ‘extreme’ - and Hitler had already got rid of them in the early 1930s.

The BBC accused Churchill of Hate Crimes against the guy on the right.

The same is happening today from the BBC appeasers and cowards. They are so drunk on their own supreme goodness towards all things Muslim and Islamic that they are committing the same traitorous crimes as they did in the 1930s. And they’re giving pretty similar reasons for doing so. The piety of Neville Chamberlain towards all people, including Nazis, is echoed today in the words of pious and oh-so-nice BBC-types who 

See No Islam/Muslim Evil
Hear No Islamic/Muslim Evil
and, most of all,
Report on No Islamic/Muslim Evil.

The world isn't a Chelsea or BBC dinner party. The Niceness and grandstanding tolerance of upper-middle-class BBC-types will not be projected onto the Islamists and even onto the average angry Muslim.
Still, just as long as the BBC is seen to be pious about Islam and Muslims, that's all that really matters to them and to the listeners/readers who quaff  its supreme goodness.

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