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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Student Union For Muslim Bigotry: Against Secret Filming

Recently I found a comment, on one of my blogs, from someone called The Fog Horn. It was quite disturbing. It was her comment on a post I had made on the increasing large Muslim population of Leicester (set to overtake the entire non-Muslim population) and how these Muslims, surprisingly, "now felt at home” in the city.

She told us of her own experiences in a Leicester Muslim ghetto. She said that she had 

“pooh, washing up liquid, eggs and wee put through [her] letterbox, bangs on the door at night, eggs thrown at [her] windows, verbal sexual insults shouted at by the crowd in the Islamic video rental shop, stalked by men at night.” 

She went on to say that all this “was awful” and that she “feared for [her] life”. It was so bad that she “even [had] to wear a hooded coat to protect [herself] better”.

But the worst thing she recounted about all this was the following:

“I have spent twenty years trying to make people believe me.”

I responded to her by saying that her experiences in Leicester sounded terrible. I also told that I’d heard very many similar stories and that I myself have experienced these things. I also said that I knew what she meant by trying to get people to believe her.

So why didn’t people believe her? Why do many people not believe me? Why don’t people believe the many others who have experienced these harsh Muslim/Islamic realities here in the UK?

The primary way of explain that non-belief is by saying that most “unbelievers”, as it were, don’t believe us for ideological (usually leftist or liberal) reasons. That is: 

They cannot believe what we say about bad Muslim behaviour, Islam, etc.

They must not believe what we say. 

To believe such things would be tantamount, to them, to encouraging “racism” and “Islamophobia”. It would even contribute to creating more “injustice” and “inequality” in our society. 

This essentially means that no matter how bad things really are in Muslim ghettos or with Islam generally; these self-consciously nice and tolerant people believe that admitting to Muslim/Islamic badness would make things much worse. (Or worse; only in a very different way.) This means that anything Muslims do that is bad, even if it is seen by them and others to be bad, has effectively to be ignored for political reasons.

Now we have this:

See no Muslim/Islamic evil.

Hear no Muslim/Islamic evil.

But, most of all,

Deny – or don’t report – any Muslim/Islamic evil.

All this was perfectly illustrated just over a week ago at Manchester University. 

During a debate there, a Muslim woman said that gays should be killed and that adulterers should be stoned. These comments were secretly filmed/recorded. However, Manchester Student Union was only/entirely concerned with that secret filming and not at all concerned with what the Muslimah had said.

To go into more detail. 

A female Muslim speaker at a Students’ Union affiliated society workshop said that homosexuals would be executed in an “ideal Islamic state”. This occurred at a public meeting organised by Global Aspirations at the Students’ Union on the 13th February. One person at the meeting, a Mr Cortbus, asked the chairwoman of the meeting whether “in the Islamic society in which you strive for,” they would “feel comfortable, personally and morally, to kill a gay man.”

She responded, “Absolutely,” and added later that homosexuality was an “atrocity, because it goes against what Allah says.”

The Muslim chairwoman was also asked about the Islamic position on adulterers. She was specifically asked about Islamic stoning for adultery. She said: 

“Who’s to say that someone else might see that and think ‘well if he’s allowed to do it why can’t I do it’?”

The questioner, who seems to have a remarkable faith in Islam, argued that “stoning was not an Islamic practice”, but the chairwoman replied: 

“Even if you went to someone who was a Muslim, whether they like the idea of stoning an adulterer or not, they will still say to you that it is something that is in Islam.

“There aren’t Muslims who could say to you that it’s not part of Islam to stone an adulterer.”

Clearly Mr Cortbus’s faith in Islam is very misplaced or possibly the result of good-old wishful thinking.

However, despite this blatant and clear hatred of gays, the endorsement of stoning and the incitement to murder, Manchester Student Union was only concerned with the fact that these very words were secretly recorded. (This can now be seen on link below.)  Clearly, without a recording, and after the event and given the publicity, this bigoted (to use a favourite word of the Leftist/left-liberal defenders of Muslims) Muslimah would have simply denied what she had said to the Student Union. And, of course, the Student Union would almost certainly have believed her… even if they had suspected that the accusations were probably true (if you know what I mean).

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