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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Slaughter all Muslims!

No. The counter-jihad movement isn't calling for that. Though it got your attention... didn’t it?
Yet that’s what the Left, and many Left-liberals, believe – or pretend to believe:  that all counter-jihadists (secretly?) want to kill all Muslims. 

So despite the multitude of jihad (Islam)-inspired deaths and Islamic crimes this world faces every single day (from Keighley to Mali), the Left still claims – or pretends to believe – that every criticism of Islam, and even every criticism Islamism or Islamoterrorism, is all about “racism” or “fascism” (or both). Again, all this despite the daily body-count that Islam claims for itself every single day. (A minimum 10 deaths every day– though often well over a 50; though all this is admittedly hard to quantify.*) And this Islamic daily body-count has a long and inglorious tradition. The world-jihad (forget Palestine, Kashmir, etc., I’m talking about India itself, Spain, etc.) has been on and off (mainly on) since the savage campaigns of Muhammad against the Jews, his fellow Arabs and all surrounding civilisations. Yet Leftists still think it’s all about racism and/or fascism. Or they pretend to believe this.

After all, if accusations of “racism” or “Nazism” silence all critics of Islam – then why not call all critics of Islam “racist” or “Nazi”? What have Leftists got to lose? In fact they’ve got a lot to gain.

And if Muslims want to install sharia blasphemy law in non-Muslim countries; then why don’t Muslims call all critics of Islam “Islamophobes” or “racists”? Then you don’t need to call it “sharia blasphemy law” because UK laws already exist to prevent “racism” or “hate crimes”. Job done!
We don't think all Muslims should be killed; but millions of Muslims think all kuffar should be killed; and not just the Jews.
The Left scores its own successes (it believes) by enabling Muslims and even Islam itself.  Leftists believe that they're successfully “tapping into the revolutionary potential of Muslims”; as a former leader of the SWP (the now-dead Chris Harman) once put it. And because Muslims will help them chip away at the “capitalist state”, and because their actions and attitudes will help destabilise it, then  that support of Muslims no matter what they say or do will pay dividends for these Leftists in the end (or even right now). That’s because, as ever with Revolutionary Leftism, the “worse things are; the better they are".

The more “radical” Muslims become, they more Leftists believe that they themselves will benefit. Trotskyists, “anti-fascists”, etc. also know that they can benefit from increases in unemployment and in economic hardship. The “worse it is, the better it is” – at least for Trotskyists and Communists. And Muslims will make it worse for “Das System”. Therefore Leftists support Muslims no matter what.
“With Muslims every time, with the capitalist state never.” 

(As they also used to say about various non-Islamic terrorist groups in the 1980s and 1970s.)

With Muslims groomers, rapists, terrorists, killers every time, with the capitalist state never.

This is a rewriting of passages from the Koran, with the word "unbelievers" substituted with "Muslims".

So, again, both Leftists and Muslims will benefit from the mainly false (but sometimes, though very rarely, true) accusation that every counter-jihadist wants to kill every Muslim. Job done.

 *) Islam's death-count so far today = 65 (still counting):

Reduced to rubble by devastating bomb: 65 dead after bomb hidden in water tank rips apart Pakistan vegetable market

  • Pakistan's Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which intelligence officials say has become a major security threat, has claimed responsibility
  • Blast was caused by an improvised explosive device fitted to a motorcycle
  • Last month, LeJ said it carried out a bombing in Quetta that killed nearly 100

A bomb targeting Shi'ites in a busy Pakistani market has killed at least 60 people today.
Pakistan's Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which intelligence officials say has become a major security threat, has claimed responsibility for the sectarian attack on Shi'ites in the city of Quetta.    

'The explosion was caused by an improvised explosive device fitted to a motorcycle,' said Wazir Khan Nasir, deputy inspector general of police in Quetta. 

- From the Daily Mail

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