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Friday, 15 February 2013

PRESS TV thinks all Muslims are always innocent

The Eternal Innocence of Mosques - the places in which Hamas, the Algerian, Egyptian, etc. Islamists used to organise their jihads - or their civil wars - against the kuffar and other enemies.

Press TV tells us, in this YouTube video (see below), that Muslims are “being spied upon” in the UK. I bloody well hope so! 

“Spy cameras” (christened so by Leftist activists) were put up in various “terrorist hotspots” (such as Sparkbrook, Sparkhill) in Birmingham in 2010. These Islamoghettos had already produced dozens of convicted Islamoterrorists over the years. Since the cameras were taken down, yet more Birmingham Muslim terrorists have been convicted who worked and plotted in these areas. (They are as “innocent” as the inmates of Guantanamo Bay – 50% of whom went straight back into the Islamic bombing and killing of the kuffar they did before they were “wrongly arrested”.) 

The CCTVs in Birmingham were taken down because various Muslims, including Salma Yaqoob and Lord Ahmed (a Labour Lord who threatened “civil unrest”), threatened this, that and the other. Also, various very rich Leftist lawyers, human rights activists and local leftists threatened to tan the hides of the West Midlands Police if they so much as raised their voices against the Muslim community.
The "public debate", in Birmingham, about the "spy cameras" in which everyone agreed with each other. That's me in the wooly hat.
Press TV is run and controlled by the Iranian theocratic state. It also employs various Western Leftists, such as George Galloway and John Rees (ex-SWP and now Counterfire).

So these Muslim may be being spied upon because of their penchant for terrorism... I mean, is that even a possibility to Press TV (as well as its Western Leftist helpers)? Ummm... let's think. How many non-Muslim terrorists have been convicted in the UK recently? Zero.

Then again, claiming "attack" and "persecution" (or “being spied upon”) have been the Muslims' best excuses for their own genuine attacks and for jihad. In fact, according to Islam, jihad is definitionally "defensive" - every single time!!! (Hezbollah always prefixes "jihad" with the word "defensive".) Muslims say that all their violence, and possibly even their grooming and rape, is "defensive".

Muhammad conquered the entire Arabian Peninsula "defensively" (according to Muhammad, that is).
The later Imperialist Islamic empires conquered nearly a third of the world "defensively". Mass Islamic slavery was probably "defensive" to Muslims. Lord Ahmed, of Labour (mentioned above), said that the Muslim groomers were "the real victims".

When reports on the mass rape of wives and other Muslim women in Gaza were circulated, Muslims, the Left and "rights groups" blamed Israel.

Muslims are never guilty of anything. More correctly, Muslims are never guilty of anything when it is an issue about the relations of Muslims with non-Muslims. By definition, a Muslim can never commit a crime, or a sin, against any kuffar. Conversely, every act the kuffar, or the Kuffar State, carries out against Muslims is, again by Islamic definition, a crime or a sin (or an example of Islamic "injustice").

(*) This is also why dhimmis can't sit in a court in a Muslim country when the case involves a Muslim.)

Press TV's George Galloway.!

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