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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Not Anjem Choudary again!

Let’s see a little less of this man’s snout on Counter-Jihad/EDL Facebook pages and various websites...
... and more of these faces:
The BBC's very own "Mo" Ansar. He wants to rid England of "white tarts" & short skirts.

The MCB's beardless, slimy& unctuous Master of Taqiyya - Bungle.
MPACUK's Asghar Bukhari. Fanatical Jew-hater who permanently foams at the mouth. Hence his love of Islam.
One of the Guardian's many resident Islamists, Faisal Bodi.

"MPACUK calls on Muslims to get a little extreme; no we call on Muslims to get very extreme. The time for moderation is over, the time for passive acceptance is gone, no longer are we held back by empty platitudes of ‘serving the community’."  - MPACUK, 2010

Now, the only difference between these 'moderate' Muslim/Islamic groups and Anjem Choudary is that Choudary is more honest than these more formal, respectable and “moderate” groups. Angie Choudary, and his ever-changing groups, more or less admit to wanting the deaths of British soldiers, full sharia law, etc. And, of course, they demonstrate in provocative ways.

The problem is that the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), etc. believe in more or less the same things as Angie Choudary. 

Indeed how can we call the MCB and MAB ‘moderate’ when both groups support Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as the Islamification of Britain through the slow introduction of sharia law? (Particular MAB - which is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, as is Hamas.) If anything, these groups are worse than Angie because they are more insidious, ubiquitous and powerful. The former’s groups are just silly little fringe outfits.

In any case, I’m beginning to get a little bit suspicious about Angie Choudary and his endlessly renamed Islamic groups.

Choudary is such an exhibitionist, so in love with notoriety and being on the TV, that no other Muslim, over the age of 21, can possibly take him seriously. He’s like the Muslim version of George Galloway – if George is not a Muslim already. That is, just like Georgey Boy, his prime political aim is to get on the front page of the Daily Mail – which is pretty easy since this guy is taking away all the flak away from the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK), the Muslim Council of Britain, Engage, the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) and all those genuinely effective Islamist trouble makers in Tower Hamlets who have even grasped power and are now trying to turn that part of London into a Islamic Republic. And all we get is Choudary! Choudary! Choudary!

Who gives a fuck about this Islamist buffoon? What’s worse. Who gives a shit about someone who may well be deliberately playing the Islamist buffoon in order to take away attention from all the beardless Islamists in suits and with Government money?

Who knows? Perhaps either our secret services are employing him or the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) is. That doesn’t matter because he’s doing a good even if he’s not getting paid by them. As I said, he’s taking away all attention from the many Islamist groups in the UK that have loads of cash – Saudi cash and otherwise. The ones who appear on Question Time, write numerous articles for the Guardian, and who employ Inayat Bunglawalah to prove how beardless he is and that he doesn’t even wear an Arafat scarf.

Is Anjem Choudary, then, some kind of fall guy for a whole host of Islamist groups and individuals? And isn’t it also strange that the most Islamically honest of all Islamists, the one that uses the least Islamic taqiyya, Choudary, should get the most stick, both from pretend-moderate Muslims and from the kuffar

Choudary, as I see it, is simply honest about Islam and what Islam desires. It seems that’s his real crime. Again, don’t genuine/real revolutionary or radical Islamist groups usually keep their plans under wraps; unlike Choudary? There’s something mightily suspicious about all of this.

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