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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

“Nigel Farage: The debate in Britain is now about immigration”

"Come on David. At least let's pretend to the electorate that we have different views on immigration."

Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP, has just had this to say about the nature or consequnces of mass immigration on contemporary Britain:

"The debate in Britain has changed. And now it is about immigration. People in Britain are shocked at the change in every single city and market town since we opened the doors to Eastern Europe in 2004." 

Clearly, unlike this blog, he’s not specifically talking Muslim immigrants and he's certainly not talking about Muslims who’ve lived in the UK for some time. I concentrate on Muslims because, of all immigrants as well as natives, their ideology, Islam, is out to destroy the UK. Simple as. Of course we also have problem with other aspects of immigration. But the point is that some of these immigrants, even if they have negative effects on the UK as a whole, don’t go out of their way to destroy the UK (along with the rest of the West).
As I said, UKIP is right about the effect of non-Muslim mass immigration too.

"Mo" Ansar : doing the same job as Choudary but being more successful at it.
An obvious point has to be made about most of the recent immigrants in our country: they ain't got "special skills" and they ain't "providing much-needed infrastructure". Not only is it the case that most Muslim immigrants don’t have any of these supposedly positive things to offer us, and this is just a small point, they also want to destroy our culture, traditions and... well, everything non-Islamic in the UK. That's all.

Most of the other non-Muslim recent immigrants don't have skills and qualifications either. Unless the Gov and the Labour Party are talking about the skill of pushing drugs or being qualified to run a black-market business.

We are fed the lie that it's all about “foreign skills” and stuff because at the heart of this social experiment was/is a massive attempt - formed and first carried out by New Labour before it was out of power - to destroy all (phoney) "racism" and "bigotry" by simply flooding the UK with immigrants. It was a massive attempt to get rid of all "hideously white areas"; as the Guardian once put it. You know; the hideously white areas in which most Guardian journalists live. Except, of course, they are hideously-white leftist and liberal middle-class areas - so that's OK. The Guardian was specifically talking about the hideously white working-class areas. A class they've always tacitly hated even when they wanted to improve their conditions and lead them to Leftist enlightenment.

So for every skilled foreign nurse there are a hundred Islamist Muslims. For every skilled African technician there are tens of Rumanian layabouts. So let's not pretend anymore, eh?

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