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Friday, 8 February 2013

Muslims Need the Help of Pious Leftists/Liberals

Leftists and liberals are allowed to be rich, greedy and decadent because "their hearts are in the right place". They may be rich but at least they ain't "capitalists" or evil "neo-cons".

They're also often very pious about how much they love Muslims and all other “underdogs”. Not that often white underdogs though; or the working class. (That’s so Last Year in leftist and liberal circles.) Whether they actually do anything about poverty and “injustice” doesn’t matter. As with Leftists in the UK - it's the image and the piety that matters; not the political/social effects of what they do or fact/truth for that matter.

In fact, these hypocrites probably have shares in arms companies; just as English Leftists send their children to prep schools/private schools and then on to Oxbridge; as well as their never living in - or even anywhere  near - Muslim ghettos. (Student leftists sometimes live in inner-city areas – it’s one part of the Middle-Class Leftist/liberal Rite of Passage; but when they graduate and join daddy’s business, or join the Leftist University Business, then it’s good bye to “student poverty” and to mixing with the Brown Exotic.)

As long as these Leftists and liberal are pious in public about Muslims (as well as the de rigour Palestinian-fashion) and the Brown Exotic generally; it doesn't really matter what these people do in their private lives or what they really think behind closed doors.

The pious UK Left, and US liberals, pontificate while the world burns around them.

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