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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Islam's All About Mindless Rules

Most religions have rules. Islam has tons of them. That’s not necessarily a problem. But the thing is, most of these Islamic rules, on what’s halal or haram, are utterly mindless and unthinking. There is no ethics or morality behind them. No theology to back them up. (Only “commentary”.) Many of them are a result of what Muhammad happened to have done or said off the cuff at a particular point of time; regardless of any forethought let alone prior morality or theology.

For example, men must sleep on their left side because Muhammad slept on his left side. The rule about dogs, which Muslims follow to a T in Bradford, is just because Mohammed didn't like dogs. No argument or reason for it. Just follow the rule. Don’t ask questions and by doing so become “un-Islamic”.

In fact, many imams and scholars, in fact most of them, specifically say that these rules should not be questioned. They should simply be obeyed. Hence the phrase: “I was only following Islamic orders.”

That's why there is no theology in Islam - only "commentary" based on the scholar's or imam’s knowledge. No ethics or morality - only arbitrary rules. 

All this destroys both the mind and the soul.

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