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Friday, 8 February 2013

High school teacher suspended for “fat butt Michelle Obama” remark

"You say I is fat? Is that because I is black?"

An Alabama high-school psychology teacher, Bob Grisham, was suspended, a few days ago, for 10 days without pay for calling the first lady “fat butt Michelle Obama”. 

This unfortunate guy has also been barred from teaching his class for the rest of the school year and ordered to attend “sensitivity training”. 

Grisham will also have to meet monthly with Mark Butler, the school system's personnel director, to make sure “he is meeting his requirements”.
I’m not entirely sure if the same fuss would have been made if Ohbumhole’s wife had not been black. Let’s just say that the charge of fatism compounded the more serious implied crime of racism.

Maybe the fatism was seen because the racism was seen first. Maybe he simply must be a racist.

Like all Thought Crimes, which often go by the name Hate Crimes, any criticism of a black person, or a Muslim, must be because that person is back or brown. Thus the critic must be a “neo-con”, “fascist”, “Nazi”, “Islamophobe”.

In this case, it could be the case that if you criticise a woman who happens to be black, that must be only because she is black.

Similarly, if you criticise a religion, Islam, that's primarily followed by non-whites, that must be because you are a “racist”.

If you criticise a Muslim terrorist who has murdered dozens of innocent civilians, that must be because he is brown. If you criticise a black serial killer, you are only doing so because he is black.

Such is the supreme illogicality of the Leftist and liberal. Such is the (inverted) racism and total mindlessness of the average Leftist/Liberal.

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