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Friday, 22 February 2013

Galloway talked with Assad but walks out on Israeli

 Galloway's got the same expression he had when talking with Saddam Hussein (below): one of deep love and respect - mixed with a touch of fear. Some men fear the dictators they also admire & respect.
George Galloway also doesn't debate with "Zionists". Or the EDL. Or "the far right". Or 'neo-cons". Or "neo--liberals". Or "racists". Or "Nazis'. Or the BNP. Or even the Conservative Party - unless it's on TV and he can definitely benefit from it.

He doesn't debate with Israelis but he has debated with Saddam Hussein. And, as is less well-known, he debated with Syria’s “criminal dictator” (said by anti-Syrian Muslims who are now his friends) - Bashar Assad (a few years ago).

He has debated with IRA members. And with other terrorists and terror-supporters. He has also debated with Communist autocrats and dictators.

He doesn't believe in debate but he does believe in the (Leftist) No Platform Policy (the Lesser Gulag). A Gulag Soviet-style is not here simply because Galloway and his like haven't got the political power to bring about the New British Gulag they all yearn for.

With Tommy Robinson he even resorted to abuse and he criticised Tommy's use of the word "bird"; just as that clever-because-leftist comedian (what’s-his-name) laughed at Tommy’s Luton accent.
Galloway "talking to the Iraqi people", as he put it.

I've always thought that Galloway is primarily a political exhibitionist. Well, just a plain exhibitionist really. The main principle of Galloway's overall politics is... George Galloway. George Galloway sincerely believes in George Galloway.

This walkout wasn't principled. It was about publicity. If there was a principle it was this: 

the principle that Galloway should get on TV more. 

Do you really believe that he’s put his foot in it all these times accidentally? He hasn’t. Even wearing that cat suit was deliberate; as well as his comments about "consensual rape”. He craves for TV-time and any other kind of attention. That’s why he went over to the Respect Party. That’s why he converses with Arab dictators and Muslim killers. The other parties wouldn’t have him so now he pretends it’s all about his deep leftist principles. His only deep principle is to further the career of George Galloway.

He also stops debates, other than by walking out, by accusing people of "lying" which can be seen many times on YouTube. This is strange because no other well-known politician, save Jeffrey Archer, is known to have lied as many times as Galloway. And everyone knows that liars are more likely than non-liars to accuse others of lying. 

*) Considering Galloway's deep hatred of Jews (he calls them "Zionists"; just as English Nazis do) and Israelis, you'd think he'd join an English Proper Nationalist (Nazi) group.

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