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Monday, 25 February 2013

French family of six kidnapped in Mali as part of the 1,300-year jihad

"We're the Jihadi Boys. You want jihad? Mali? Nigeria? Palestine? Birmingham? We'll be there in no time. Allahu Akbar! Allah's Eternal War!"

Just over five days ago, a French family of six, also traveling with a friend, were kidnapped in Cameroon in what was feared to be a revenge attack by jihadists after the military intervention in Mali.

The group, including four young children, were seized by a gang on motorbikes as they drove back from a national park. A diplomatic source said they were French expatriates living in the capital, Yaoundé. Their 4x4 vehicle was later found abandoned.

The problem is that Muslims always make out that jihad is "defensive" - as they all-too-often put it. In this particular case, this sick kidnapping of a family, including four young children, will be said to be a jihadist “defensive” move, or jihadist defensive-attack, in response to France’s intervention in Mali. But of course we only need to ask why the French intervened in Mali in the first place. Partly because their citizens were under attack from… yes, you guessed it – from Malian and foreign jihadists. But none of this really matters to these African Muslims or, in a sense, to us.

Muhammad exterminated and/or conquered the Jews and all the opposing Arabs of Arabia defensively (according to… guess who – Mohammed himself).

The various Islamic Empires conquered a third of the world “defensively”.

9/11 was defensive. So too was Madrid, London 7/7, the Beirut bombings in the 1980s, the African embassy bombings of the 1990s... the grooming, the rape, the endless persecution of the kuffar… Every act of Islamic violence there ever was – and ever will be – will be deemed to be defensive... according to Muslims, that is.

Again, by Muslim/Islam definition:

all Muslim acts of violence against the kuffar are defensive.


all kuffar attacks against Muslims are aggressive.


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