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Friday, 8 February 2013

Egypt Islamic coalition calls for ban on 'disruptive' protest activity

Three beards and a non-beard. He mustn't be Islamically holy.

Various Islamist parties and movements – including Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist Call – have bandied together and called for a legal ban on what they have called 'disruptive' political activity.

The Islamic Forces Coalition, which consists of 13 Egyptian Islamic parties and movements, has called for the criminalisation of all "disruptive" political activity, including the blocking of streets and public squares.

In a further statement, the Muslim Brotherhood went on to urge the Egyptian media to refrain from publishing "seditious content" and to select with caution the material they chose to run. The coalition also criticised what it described as "increasingly anti-Islamist sentiments" in the local media.
Of course we need to ask what “disruptive political activity” actually means. Does it mean any political activity which attempts to stop the Muslim Brotherhood from riding roughshod over democrat processes? Does it simply mean that all criticism of Islamism is “disruptive” and “seditious”? It probably does. This is the Muslims Brotherhood we’re talking about... and the Salafists are slightly worse.

The Muslim Brotherhood is simply doing what it said it would do when it gained political power. This Mos Bros message goes back to the late 1920s. It's not their fault that Western Leftists and Liberals didn't believe them or have never looked deeply - or at all - into the matter of its Islamism and the fact that it sees the Koran as its constitution.

Democracy for the Muslim Brotherhood, as with Hezbollah and the MB's very own Hamas, is simply a means-to-an-end. (As it also was for Hitler and the Nazis.) They have used Egyptian democracy because it has (recently) worked for them – or they took that gamble that it could work for them. It did work. They gained power. It doesn't follow that because they have used democracy that they also believe in democracy. It doesn't follow either that they will sustain democracy now that they’ve gained power. They aren’t sustaining democracy now and they certainly won't in the future.

Why do I say all this? Because the Muslim Brotherhood itself has said all this.

It has said, again and again, that

“Islam is the way. The Koran is our law."

How can anyone, even gullible or cynical Western leftists and Liberals, misinterpret those words - for Allah's sake?

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