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Monday, 11 February 2013

Blasphemy against Islam = "Islamophobia"

'Islamophobia’ = (Sharia-determined) blasphemy against Islam

‘hate crimes’ = the actions and words which against Islam which are criminalized in order to silence criticism of Islam, the Koran and Muslims

United Nations legislation (sponsored by the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
= legislation to stop the criticism of Islam, the Koran and Muslims

We are going to fight against these laws and ignore them. We must not be taken back to the period when religion was untouchable. In any case, everyone knows that this is all about one religion – Islam. Only Muslims threatened riots, civil unrest, killings, bombings and the rest when Islam, Mohammed, the Koran, etc. are criticised. Only Muslims don’t accept any criticism, of any kind, of their religion. That’s why Islam has survived so long. If you put Sharia Blasphemy Law alongside forced conversion, the dhimmis-status of non-Muslim who convert to Islam to stop being dhimmis, brainwashing from birth until death and social stigmatisation for Muslims who relapse, then all that tells you why there are so many Muslims.

The implementation of these laws in the UK would amount to the shariaisation or Islamification of our imperfect democratic and free society. We must not let this happen.

In Islamic countries, in the last 1,300 years, there has been a tradition which disallows all criticism of Islam, the Koran and Mohammed. The UK is not an Islamic country.

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