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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Afzal Khan: sharia blasphemy law on EDL demo

Afzal Khan mentions the “widespread destruction” in Manchester at the last EDL demo. Of course he fails to mention that anti-Islamophobia, anti-racist, anti-Nazi, anti-fascist, anti-Zionist, anti-anti and antipasti groups, such as the SWP-UAF, Hope Not Hate, and, of course, many of his own fellow Muslims, contributed massively to the “disruption” at many previous EDL demos. At the Birmingham demos in 2009, Walsall, Dudley, etc., Muslims were entirely responsible for the disruption. And in Bolton, for example, far more SWP-UAF, Hope Not Hate, etc. were arrested than EDL.

Khan gives us his deeply un-philosophical and shallow account of the freedom of speech. Basically, it’s an account of the freedom of speech by someone who is deeply distrustful of it. Or, to be fair, he does indeed believe in free speech. He believes in the freedom of people to say the kinds of things he agrees with and believes in. If that’s not the case, then he doesn’t believe in the freedom of speech in the slightest.

I love it when these Muslim demoncrats always start off by saying that they “believe in the freedom of speech as much as the next man”. The problem is that their next man is usually Stalin, or Pol Pot, or maybe the average member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

More correctly, Khan literally says:

“I believe in the freedom of speech… but….”

If you believe in freedom of speech… but… then you don’t believe in freedom of speech.

If Khan’s argument is against law-breaking, etc., then laws already exist against any of the nasty acts he has in mind. They will be dealt with by the police. However, a demo itself in not an illegal act regardless of what may happen during it. This is like saying that because someone who uses the London Tube uses it to pickpocket, then using the Tube itself should be banned.

But this guy, Afzal Khan, is a Muslim representative of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), which itself is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood (though they don’t advertise that fact to the gullible kuffar), so he’ll believe in freedom of speech… but

i) Not in the case of the Satanic Verses.
ii) Not in the case of the Danish Cartoons.
iii) Not in the case of the French satirical-magazine cartoons.
iv) Not in the case of the film Fitna and Gert Wilders broadcasting of it.
v) Not in the case of the film The Innocence of Muslims.
vi) Not in the case of numerous counter-jihad websites, groups, and other Hate-Crime Groups (or, more truthfully, Hate-Islamic-Extremism Groups).

If you are a concerned citizen, you don’t ban the demo, or the website, or the film, or the making of cartoons: you act upon whatever it is that happens that breaks the law during the demo, or in the film, etc. Of course what Afzal Khan really wants is the banning of the EDL demo regardless of any criminal activity; as with the banning of Islam-critical films or cartoons. He requires laws against the criticism of Islam. He demands that Sharia Blasphemy Law be instituted in the UK. It won’t, of course, be called that, it will have something to do with the anti-racist laws which already exist - or new “anti-racism” laws will be created! (This man has been an important in the race relations industry.)


In order to ingratiate himself to the Leftist and Left-Liberal enablers of Islam and Muslim, Afzal must speak their language. This is something the Muslim Brotherhood has being doing since its inception in the 1920s– but only when it refrained from bombing, organising riots and assassinations. When the latter failed, then the Muz Broz, as with Muslims generally, had a go at democratic processes (as Hamas did in Gaza in 2006).

Afzal Khan talks about ‘democracy” and “freedom”. He also talks about “racism” and the cliché of “celebrating the diversity of our great city”. And of course the kuffar-gullible lap it up – no questions asked. Leftists and Left-Liberals, after all, can’t question the truth or sincerity of a brown person or a Muslim - let alone a brown Muslim. Hell, Khan even tapped into the Christian notion of a “vigil” – that is, he referred to last week’s Hope Not Hate vigil at Manchester Cathedral. (Hope Not Hate was founded - and is still run - by Communist atheists and philosophical materialists who believe in violent revolution.)

Khan finally mentions “the shambles that is the far right”. That’s strange! You wouldn’t expect a person would feel the need to ban a “shambles”. Actually, Sharia Blasphemy Law is all-encompassing and absolute. It’s because of it, as well as because of Sharia Apostasy Law, that Islam has survived and still survives today. It was Sheik Quradawi himself who admitted as much.

So it’s absolutely no surprise that Afzal Khan wants to ban the Manchester EDL demo. The man is being faithful to his religion, Islam, and its very long tradition (1,300 years) of banning, censoring and imprisoning. A tradition that is, and always has been, fundamentally against the Western notion of the freedom of speech.

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