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Saturday, 26 January 2013

UK Neo-Nazis are British Traitors [E]

[By Alan Cleverley; a frequent poster on the EDL Extra Facebook page.]

For me the BNP/NF is just not British and anyone who follows them are following a defunct European Military Cult that was destroyed because it was not only cruel and elitist it simply could not work, no organization that depends on fear can ever survive.

When the Nazis attacked its neighbours it was just this country who stood alone against them, America gave us old war ships and they sold us ammunition and equipment BUT our empire paid for this through the nose and the USA saw WW2 as a way to destroy the British Empire.

Our Grandparents and our Parents stood alone against Hitler and his Nazis. Any person from these Islands who defends the Nazis or supporters Neo-Nazis are not only traitors to this country but are traitors to their own families who fought and suffered against the Nazis.

The Jews suffered under Hitler and under Stalin. The Jews lost millions of their people, whole families were wiped of the face of the earth and some people who I believe are ill informed bigots deny this ever happened.

It happened, and it has happened again since but on a smaller scale, those people were murdered, not because they were a threat but just because of their faith, if only the people who attack Jews now had as much faith as those Jews did?

Israel was set up for the Jews; it was set up in traditional Jewish land and the Jews through the Israeli Defence Force will not allow there people to be murdered with impunity ever again, The IDF does not just defend Israel but the whole of the free world. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and I support them 100% and anyone who is against Israel is for Islam and is my enemy.

[Alan Cleverley was a soldier in the British Army between 1970 and 1983.]

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