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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Jews, Muhammad Ansar & Radio 4

The fluffy world of Radio 4 Interfaith debate: while the world around is besieged by Islamism, Islamoterrorism and even Islam itself.

It was interesting to hear Muhammad Ansar, the BBC’s very own “media representative” of Islam and all Muslims, on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Beyond Belief’ (28.1.2013); which was focussing on the subject of the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe.
Muhammad Ansar wants to extend sharia blashemy law to, well, criticism of Muhammad Ansar.

Basically, Muhammad Ansar is not quite what he seems. Then again, in the discussion he let a few cats out of the bag. The only two men he mentioned by name, Yusuf Qaradawi and Norman Finklestein, are generally regarded as extremists, by all those on the outside, in their own respective fields. Qaradawi was quoted, by “Mo” Ansar, as saying that Muslims should make a distinction between Zionism/Israel and the Jews/Judaism; and yet this man is on record, very many times, of articulating the most extreme anti-Jewish statements you can imagine. More to the point, Qaradawi said, in 2009, that the Holocaust was Allah’s punishment of the Jews. (‘… Allah has… punished them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler.’)

Norman Finklestein is an extreme leftist who has made a living out of trying to destroy Israel. Not only that. He is "only Jewish on his parents' side" (as someone once put it). He is only racially Jewish. And as leftists like Finklestein keep on telling us; race doesn't account for anything. So his Jewish DNA (if there is such a thing) shouldn't account for anything either. (He once said his mother was a “typical Jew” in the way she pushed her way to the front of queues!)

The general debate had the air of an Islington or a BBC-presenters’ dinner party at which the niceness of the guests, and the niceness of the dinner party itself, was expected to transfer itself into the wider world. Being nice to Islamists, as with being nice to Hitler in the 1930s, simply doesn’t work. Being nice and pious about Islam, and blaming everything on Islamism rather than Islam, is simply false. And that deceit, or self-deceit, is ultimately proving to be highly dangerous in the world outside these nice BBC Radio 4 dinner parties (or discussion programmes).

Just as very many BBC employees and controllers appeased Hitler in the 1930s (e.g., by banning Churchill’s prescient words about Nazism/Hitler); so they are appeasing dangerous men and dangerous ideologies now – all except Nick Griffin and the “far right”, that is.

 *) Note: Muhammad Ansar has been trying to impose sharia blashemy law on Twitter of late. It seems that sharia law shouldn't only encompass the kuffar "caractaturing the Prophet" and suchlike, but also the caracaturing of individual Muslims. Specifically, the caraicaturing of Muhammad Ansar himself. That is, has his recent capagiagn against Twitter "hate crimes against Islam" got anything to do with the fact that another Twitterer, MoDawahMoParody (kingof dawah), parodies Ansar himself - in brilliant fashion?

This is MoDawah's Twitter page:

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