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Saturday, 26 January 2013

The EDL aren't Proper Nationalists

All these "proper Nationalists" in the UK and elsewhere seem to love German Nazism more than their own traditions.

Adam Taranis: "This is supposed to be the ENGLISH defence league, not the 'ally with anything anti-Islamic defence league'!"

You assume that the EDL should concentrate entirely on England. That doesn't follow. From the very beginning the EDL has supported Israel. It still does. It also has strong connections with American and European counter-jihadist and other such groups. It also follows what's happening to Pakistani, Sudanese, etc. Christians, etc.

You may be mixing up the EDL with other groups. I see that from your page you support the BNP. Perhaps you're assuming that the EDL has the same views and policies as the BNP. It doesn't.

Adam Taranis: "Not Jews, stop defending Jewsrael because they have stolen the name 'Israel' from us.

"And this is why proper nationalists no longer respect your group. You're too interested in bloody jews than your own people. You claim to care about Christians? Oh dear, no proper Christian would have a shred of respect for the Jews as they are predicted in biblical prophecy that they are 'the synagogue of satan'."

“Proper nationalists”? Most 'proper nationalists' who have posted on here have been Nazis - some have been Muslims pretending to be “proper Nationalists”. Until you define "proper nationalists", I don't know what to say. Also, these proper nationalists have been keener on German National Socialism and a German leader, Hitler. They prefer 1930s German totalitarianism too. Also, they have slagged off Churchill calling him 'Jewish', etc.

Your view is entirely theological, but probably based on a pre-existing hatred of Jews. What came first? Your hatred of Jews or your views about the Biblical nature of the Jews? I bet it was a hatred of the Jews and then you used the Bible, etc. to back up a hatred of the Jews which you already had.

You say I'm "too interested in the Jews" and in the next sentence you also mention my bogus "interest in Christians". So I'm interested in both, then?

I can't comment on your old-fashioned Biblical scholarship because I have no interest in theology and I’m not religious. But I defend the rights of the Christians to live in peace in Muslim countries. I also respect the fact that this is a country with Christian traditions.

Your theology of the Jews has been lambasted by numerous Christian scholars for centuries. Jesus was also a Jew - or was he an Anglo-Saxon Nazi?

I partly concentrate on the Jews and Israel on this page precisely because of people like you and your leftist anti-Jew totalitarian duplicates. Your position on the Jews is simply a sign that there will be loads of other things you believe which will distinguish you from the EDL and its leadership. Your obsession with the evils of the Jews (very boring and old-fashioned) comes along with, I bet, being a Nazi; being racist against others - not just Jews; totalitarianism; zero knowledge of English history, traditions; a love of Hitler; obsession with race; numerous conspiracy theories (most about Jews, aliens and crabs); a fetish for violence; thinking that being a Nazi makes you "hard"; etc. So I take being an anti-Jew as a good sign that lots of other things come along with that Jew-hatred.

Also, Adam, your surname, ‘Taranis’, is either Greek or Celtic – how English is that? It’s not Anglo-Saxon or even Germanic.  (Maybe it’s a fake surname.)

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