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Monday, 21 January 2013

Socialist Workers Party & COUNTERFIRE - Who?

Two middle-class members of yet another Trotskyist group attempting to lead and/or control Muslims; which is what they used to do with the UK working class.
The SWP is a Trotskyist revolutionary group that used to severely patronise the English working class. It wanted to lead and/or change it – much as the super-posh Fabians did in the 1910s,1920s and 1930s.

Now the SWP patronises Muslims. It feeds off Muslim ‘radicalism’ at the same time as wanting to turn Muslims into Marxists. .. Can you believe that?!
The SWP defends literally everything Muslims do because they think that will help ‘radicalise' society or even bring about their very own white, very middle-class revolution. 
The SWP also created United Against Fascism (UAF) - which itself is attempting to bring about sharia blasphemy law in the UK. It's doing so in its sick and sad attempt to radicalise or revolutionise society in its own Trotskyist direction.
Big fans of killers - as long as they have brown skin.
Many SWP leaders have gone over to a group called COUNTERFIRE. There are indeed differences between the two Trotskyist groups; though none of them matter to anyone on the outside. Basically, COUNTERFIRE has more or less stopped patronising the working class. The working-class had let these middle-class professionals down. It never gave them the revolution they fantasised about. Counterfire (or New SWP) now believes in latching on to any social movement (or even non-Western states) which is at odds with 'the capitalist state'. Thus they even support Iran, as well as various misogynists, killers, homophobes, rapists, terrorists, etc. As long as long as these nice people have brown skin and are “oppressed” – they'll support them. 
This means that COUNTERFIRE, as well as the SWP-UAF, are supreme opportunists who'll work with any group of people if that group "fights the state" (in their own view, of course) - but especially if these killers, rapists, paedophiles, misogynists, etc.  have brown skin. 
Such is the sick reality of this massive Trotskyist inversion of the “West’s and white people’s racism”. An inversion which nonetheless remains racism. 
When such Leftists say that “blacks can’t be racist”; they're being racist. Racist towards both whites and blacks. Towards blacks because they're denying them agency and free will – the agency and free will to be racist.
When leftists also believe that Muslims are allowed to terrorise, kill and be misogynists (whereas whites and Westerners can’t), they're being racist. 
When Leftists treat Palestinians or Muslims as children who can’t control their own violence and hate, they're being racist.

In fact they're simply inverting the racism of their own “colonialist” ancestors in the 19th century. But instead of being irredeemably negative towards other cultures and races, they're being irredeemably positive towards them. Either way, it’s still racism.

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