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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sharia-Compliant Social Media - Muhammad Ansar

Muhammad Ansar's campaign to impose sharia blasphemy law on social media sites

Muhammad Ansar, the BBC’s official spokesmuslim for all Muslims and even for Islam itself (even though he’s not a “scholar” or an imam), is campaigning against Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and “social media” generally. He is attempting to impose sharia blasphemy law on the UK. We can expect this campaign to quickly move beyond social media – indeed it already has done so (in many ways).

In order to sell sharia blasphemy law to the kuffar, Muhammad Ansar also talks about “child pornography” and “racism” on Twitter. He even has the audacity to talk about anti-Semitism. (He will have dozens of associates and friends who not only hate Israel but also hate Jews and Judaism too.) 

Muslims are quit clever when they tap into the concerns of non-Muslims in order to advance the cause of Islam and its eternal and absolute protection from all criticism. They do it with profound skill and good-effect - with liberals and leftists - when they talk about “rights”, “freedom”, “racism” and the rest. 

The fact is, the prime imperative for all Muslims is to both protect Islam and advance/further it. Thus lies and deception (taqiyya), as well as phoney alliances (with liberals and leftists), along with a bogus commitment to non-Muslim causes (“rights”, “anti-racism”, etc.) are part and parcel of the advance of Islam in the West. Such strategies were used by the Prophet Muhammad himself and there have been thousands of words written by Islamic “scholars” and experts on taqiyya and on other deceitful means to further and protect Islam. Muhammad Ansar is just another part of this long and inglorious Islamic tradition.

Don’t believe the Muslim hype.

*) Note: Muhammad Ansar is campaigning against “child abuse” on Twitter too. I am absolutely sure that Twitter has already successfully dealt with this problem and thus Ansar is attempting pull the emotional strings of non-Muslims. It is, in other words, a way of imposing sharia blasphemy law on the back of a campaign against other things.

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