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Saturday, 26 January 2013

LibDem MP, Bradford, gains Muslim votes on Israel

The LibDem MP with his Bradford constituents. I would say that 90% in the picture are Muslim. That's no surprise. 95% of his constituency ward are Muslims... And you still wonder why he said what he said????

The Liberal Democrats have "condemned" their MP David Ward for his "use of language" in a statement about Israel's treatment of Palestinians, issued ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day.

He accused "the Jews" in Israel of "inflicting atrocities on Palestinians... on a daily basis".

What shameless and principle-less MPs will say for Muslim votes.

 "Daily atrocities on Palestinians"? Since 1948, around 51,000 people have died in the Israel-Palestine conflict. This includes the very many victims of Muslim-against-Muslim violence and Jewish victims. When the Sudanese Islamic state and the Islamic Jingaweed waged war on southern black Christians and animists, two million were killed within ten-to-twenty years. More people have died in Syrian Muslim-on-Muslim violence in the last two years than have died during the entire Palestine-Israel conflict!!! Muslim Turks have massacred 20,000 Muslim Kurds in the last 10 to 15 years.

 Talk of "genocide" and "daily atrocities" are just word-weapons and soundbites designed to pull the emotional strings of gullible Westerners. It certainly does the trick! Especially if you hate the Jews anyway.


  1. so Israel doesn't build homes over palistinian land ?

  2. There is no such nation as Palestine and no such people as Palestinians
    The land the hal04 incorrectly calls Palestinian is land that was stolen from the rightful
    inhabitants, the Jews.

  3. Halo4, You have not responded to anything that's actually in the post.

    That LibDem MP mentioned "daily atrocities", not Jews taking Palestinian homes. You, again, have not responded to anything in the post.

    But I'll reply to you. On the last estimate, Israelis had taken 2% of West Bank land. And in nearly all cases, this has not been a case of literally taking over Palestinian homes. I can accept that it might have happened occasionally but because there is so much bullshit on this subject; I will wager that it has almost never literally happened. (But I will accept correction on that.)... Also, the land they take is often not very good. But that doesn't matter because the Jews, or Israelis, going right back to the beginning of this century, if not a little before, have made "Arab land" sustainable and productive when before it wasn't. This is also the case with the settlers in the West Bank...

    There is also the additional point that it is arguably historically Jewish land anyway. And apart from that, why are the Palestinians so xenophobic when it comes to Israeli settlers? We in the West can't be xenophobic, but Palestinians can. Why is that? More to the point, why is the West Bank and Gaza policy of keeping the land JUDENREIN accepted by Western Leftists and liberals? Why is racism from brown people OK?

  4. Ha, it seems that Halo4 created a blog specifically to reply to my post on the LibDem Muslim vote-catcher.

  5. When the Muslims invaded what is now Palestine in the 7th century, there were around 200,000 Jews there.

    If contemporary Palestinians can witter on about "the Catastrophe" and how many Palestinians there were in Israel before 1948, then Jews can talk about how many Jews there were in the same place in the 7th century.