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Friday, 18 January 2013

In London There's Already Violent Sharia Law!

Violent and intimidating sharia law exists in London.
In London!

Sharia law is already here! (See the video-link below.) 
The left, liberals and the oh-so-pious members of the Church of Interfaith will deny it, for ideological reasons and reasons of their extreme goodness and piety vis-a-vis all things Muslim/Islamic, until the day that Islam is enforced upon them and their children. But when that happens, it will, of course, be too late. 
Fight back! Fight back now!

Reclaim the streets from these violent and intolerant bigots who are intent on imposing Islam on one part of London at a time.

They keep saying "This is a Muslim area" - as if they don't have plans for the whole of London in the long run.

According to these scum, "the whole world is Allah's" - not just the areas of London taken over by Muslims in their self-apartheid.

This jihadist probably used to be violent for money and drugs - a few weeks ago maybe? Now he's violent for Allah. This hooligan jihadist used to rape for pleasure. Now he rapes for Allah and for pleasure.
These things are already reality in large parts of Paris (where the French police are not allowed), parts of Oslo, and other areas in Sweden, Norway and, to a lesser degree, Holland.

The police show no signs of doing anything about the situation in Paris, and certainly not in Oslo; where its leftist-liberal ideology of see no Islamic/Muslim evil creates hell for thousands of its raped, excluded and sometimes murdered non-Muslim citizens.

Let's reoccupy these Islamised streets and take them away from the Islamic totalitarian zealots our Government has patronised - and been blackmailed by - for far too long.

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