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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Free Speech & the Leftist/Muslim No Platform Policy

Leftists and Muslims always say that they believe in freedom of speech... but not in the case of X, Y and Z. That is, when it "offends" people or when its “target is Muslims or Islam”, etc. But what's the point in believing in freedom of speech if you only believe in such a freedom for the innocuous or harmless expressions of free speech? Everybody believes in the right to criticise Hovis bread or Celebrity Get me Out of Here. No problems there.

Your commitment to freedom of speech only shows itself in the controversial examples, such as criticism of Islam or the support of controversial views in genetics, etc.
We will give a "platform" only to those we agree with.
Thus the support of free speech by leftists and Muslims is utterly bogus because they only allow free speech when that speech is used to criticise what they themselves are against. When it is used against their own many sacred cows; then they soon change their tune.

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