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Thursday, 13 December 2012

One in five people in district [Bradford] now of Pakistani origin

George Galloway: "Here in Blackburn... sorry, Bradford, I know I can rely on Muslims... sorry, the ethnic minorities, to support Islam.... sorry, to support progressive socialism."

A survey has found that one in five people in the Bradford district is now of Pakistani origin.

(One thing to remember here is that this survey excluded Bradford’s Bangladeshi and Kashmiri Muslims, as well as the small number of Kurdish, Bosnian, Somalian, etc. Muslims in Bradford.)

Bradford has more Pakistani resident than any other place in England and Wales. I think that many Brits have known this for decades. Bradfordians have certainly known it for a long time.

The official percentages and statistics go like this:

Twenty per cent of people in the district – a total of 107,000 people – identified themselves as an Asian or British Asian of Pakistani descent, according to figures released yesterday by the Office for National Statistics.

As all percentages and statistics need context, one context is this: this figure compares to two per cent nationally.

The “one in five” statistic doesn’t tell us everything. For a start, Bradford is a big area. In Howarth and the surrounding council estates of Bradford, for instance, I would say that there are hardly any Pakistanis. However, in Manningham, Bradford Moor, Heaton, Great Horton, etc. Muslims make up the majority. Indeed in some places there are no non-Pakistanis or Bangladeshis (or at least no non-Muslims). In certain Muslim ghettos there are a few non-Muslims(whites) – mainly, for example, on Manningham Lane which is of course a conduit into the business and shopping center of the city itself. However, many other parts of Manningham are exclusively Muslim areas and that’s true of other Muslim ghettos within Bradford.
It’s not being said here that these ghettos don’t contain any whites or non-Muslims. (Apparently, the Bradford Telegraph & Argus’s very own Communist celebrity, Karl Dallas, lives “right in the thick of it”, apparently; probably for ideological reasons as well as reasons of his leftist piety and supreme tolerance of all things – and I mean all things! – Muslim and Islamic.) In all ghettos there are minorities – in these cases, white or non-Muslim minorities.

*) What I found remarkable about the politicians/councillors’ comments on these stats are how non-political and even non-sociological they are. They have discussed them completely in terms of economics and social services. There was nothing about society as a whole or about the social or political implications of such statistics.  According to Councillor David Green, leader of Bradford Council, it’s all about how he, or Bradford Council, can “plan… [to] deliver services such as transport, housing, healthcare and education” to Pakistanis in Bradford. In other words, it’s all about how he can help Bradford’s Pakistanis and thus gain their votes (plus a decent standard of living) in repayment.

So no connections will be, or have been, made between the massive amount of Pakistanis (Muslims) in Bradford and the big problems with Muslim grooming gangs, the Muslim rape of specifically non-Muslims, Muslims pushing drugs onto specifically non-Muslims, Muslim gang violence specifically against non-Muslims, the Muslim ghettoisation of Bradford, the lawlessness of Muslims (from taxi drivers to young Muslims on the street) and so on.

Of course no politician or councillor can say anything about these issues. The truth hurts. In this instance, the pain will be almost instant political destruction. No councillor or politician in Bradford will ever make any connections between Islam/Muslim behaviour and how it is deeply connected to many of the problems in Bradford; as is the case elsewhere in the UK and, indeed, in the entire world. There is mass Muslim-related violence throughout the world today. Almost 90% of all global conflicts not only involve Muslims fighting or killing non-Muslims; but also Muslims doing that fighting because their religion, Islam, demands it of them. All this is replicated, on a smaller scale, in the UK and indeed in Bradford itself. Yet that massive amount of evidence, from Muslim grooming gangs to the Islamic jihad in literally dozens of countries worldwide, will not be commented upon by any British politician, let alone a Bradford politician or councillor who lives in a city which has at least a 30% Muslim population. As I said, the utterance of any such facts would result in instant political death. Not death by Muslims; but death from fellow councillors, politicians, the T & A, etc. (Kris Hopkins MP, over in Keighley, has made comments about Muslim grooming gangs. Perhaps he got away with it because he’s a Conservative MP as well as a Conservative in Keighley – which is a different place, politically, when compared to the hard-core political correctness and multicultural piety of Bradford.)

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