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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Abu Qatada & David Cameron play tennis again

Gareth Peirce, right, doesn't really care too deeply about Abu Qatada. However, as a Trotskyist lawyer (very rich and very posh), supporting Brown Exotic and Oppressed multiple killers is a good way of chipping away at the "capitalist democratic system" which she has hated for at least three decades.

David Cameron and the King of Jordan are said to have just restated their commitment to deporting Abu Qatada. (Yes; we've heard all this before on more than one occasion.)

Perhaps this is a populist response, on Cameron's part, to the fact that Qatada has just been moved to an even larger house in London; in which he will live on state benefits. (It won't be as big a house as Gareth Peirce's (see image above) – the female Trotskyist lawyer who saved Qatada's arse yet again a while back.)
Last month, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (a new one on me) upheld Qatada's appeal against deportation. This was because the poor man may be tortured in Jordan. How sad. But aren't we forgetting that he came here in the first place to escape conviction and, possibly, torture? This is a different kettle of fish from a British citizen, even a British Islamist, being deported. In fact how can someone who is just using this country to escape justice be deported, strictly and politically speaking, in the first place? Qatada is not a Brit in the first place.

Cameron can't be committed to transnational institutions, such as the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (as well as, in this case, a new one on me, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission), at the same time as pretending to complain about them when they halt the extradition of Abu Qatada and on many other issues. When you commit yourself to these transnational and (anti)non-democratic institutions, you take away the UK's independence as well as it democratic mandate. That's part of the deal. This is the dream of socialist and left-liberal Europeans who have given up on manning the barricades in a violent revolution. They now realise that they can achieve all they wanted in the past (as young Marxist radicals) through centralised European and global, institutions. Just like communist states, these institutions (the UN & EU) are centralised, bureaucratic and thoroughly non-democratic - just the way leftist totalitarians like it. They're achieving a socialist revolution with fighting on the street. Does Cameron endorse this plan?
There’s a ton of evidence which shows Qatada to be a terrorist. The problem is that much of that evidence against Qatada refers to his crimes abroad. What he’s done abroad simply doesn’t matter to our Government. This is clearly the logic of the retard. Do they honestly believe that because they feed the crocodile, to use Winston Churchill’s metaphor, then that animal won’t one day eat them too? Of course it will! It’s only a matter of time before the Qatadas of the UK ‘bring the war to the motherland’ (to use Chomsky’s obscene statement about 9/11).

Whether or not Qatada will be tortured in Jordan is simply not our problem. We cannot risk our own citizens because a single terrorist may be tortured in the country of his birth. That’s Qatada’s problem. It’s also Jordan’s problem. It’s not our problem. In the crude morality and logic of consequentialism (which I don’t always adhere to): one nasty person’s torture - even if he were to be tortured - is worth it if such a thing will bring down the threat to our country from these religious psychos.

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