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Monday, 14 November 2011

Jew-haters MPACUK want Muslims 'to become [even] more extreme’

It has been consistently shown that the rise of Judeophobia, or anti-Semitism, is far more of a problem than Islamophobia, which is largely a myth devised in order to aggrandise Muslims and Islamist groups. Not only that. Many of the people responsible for Judeophobia are exactly the same people who are crying about Islamophobia. That is, many of the hard-core Judeophobes are Islamists - and that includes this organisation itself - MPACUK! Even in this demand for sharia blasphemy law they manage to have a dig at Jews. MPACUK is obsessed by the Jews, as most Islamists are.

MPACUK claims that there have been ‘countless attacks’ by the EDL on Muslims and mosques. That's an obvious lie! MPACUK wants there to be a rise in attacks on Muslims so they can ignite Islamism and gain more Islamists for the cause of Islamisation; just as Osama bin Laden wanted the United States to attack Afghanistan after 9/11 and Hamas has wanted the Israeli army to attack civilians. (Every Muslim killed in all these cases will go straight to ‘paradise’.) MPACUK doesn’t want ‘community cohesion’. It wants Islamist rule and sharia law. It wants a tribal war so it can call all Muslims to arms. It wants Muslims ‘to become more extreme’, as it has said on this very website.

[Image right: MPACUK's aggressive monamaniac-about-Jews, Asghar Bukhan, talking about... not Jews this time, but Zionists.]

In any case, what does ‘ending Islamophobia’ actually mean? How can you end Islamophobia - even if it does exist? What does this extreme Islamist group, MPACUK, want the Government to do? Ban the EDL and other ‘far right’ groups? Make ‘hate crime’ legislation against ‘Islamophobia’ harsher than it already is? That is, do they effectively want sharia blasphemy law introduced in the UK in order to stop all criticism of Islam, Mohammed, the Koran and the behaviour of Muslims as Muslims?

In addition what ‘measures against the EDL’ does MPACUK want from the Government? Be honest. MPACUK is really talking about a complete ban and the introduction of stronger ‘hate crime’ law. That is, they are talking about the implementation of sharia blasphemy law, and other measures, to secure the egg-shell that is Islam from all attacks.
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