Friday, 18 November 2011

How leftists pushed Muslims into ghettoes

It is ironic that people who emphasise Difference and Otherness (terms filtered down from Continental philosophy) within society, should bring about,‭ ‬intentionally or unintentionally,‭ ‬a multicultural ethic and agenda which denies Difference and Otherness‭ ‬within‭ ‬cultures or communities.‭ ‬Thus Muslims became nothing but Muslims.‭ ‬Being a Muslim became the full and complete identity of Muslims.‭ ‬For example,‭ ‬not many British Christians go around calling themselves‭ ‘‬Christians‭’ ‬or defining themselves exclusively in terms of their faith.
It is also ironic that many Leftists made a song and a dance about Thatcher’s well-known statement that‭ ‘‬there is no such thing as society‭’‬.‭ ‬Left-wing councillors and activists agreed.‭
There is no such thing as society.‭ ‬There are only societies‭ (‬or communities,‭ ‬or ethnic groups,‭ ‬etc.‭).

They never really emphasised or encouraged the interrelations between communities,‭ ‬or societies,‭ ‬only their Difference or Otherness from one another.‭ ‬Thus rather than individuals becoming‭ ‘‬atomised‭’ ‬or estranged from societies,‭ ‬cultures or societies became estranged from other societies.‭ ‬This became very much the case with the Muslim community and resulted,‭ ‬effectively,‭ ‬in its self-ghettoisation.‭ ‬The usual accusation that the state,‭ ‬or Society with a capital‭ ‘‬S‭’ (‬not societies‭)‬,‭ ‬or the imposition of Britishness,‭ ‬created ghettoes, was wrong.‭ ‬Muslims created their own ghettoes.‭ ‬And they were encouraged to do so by left-wing councils;‭ ‬or,‭ ‬at the least,‭ ‬the left-wing contingents of mixed councils,‭ ‬in order to further various political agendas.

From this emphasis on communities rather than community,‭ ‬or societies rather than societies,‭ ‬Muslim identity,‭ ‬rather than being found,‭ ‬discovered or emphasised,‭ ‬was really created in response to councils and to political policies.

Thus Leftists in effect de-politised Muslims and other communities and made them see themselves not as citizens but more exclusively as Muslims.‭ ‬Being ordinary British citizens was not what Leftists wanted from their Muslims.‭ ‬That was not radical enough.‭ ‬That was not destabilising enough.‭ ‬That would not rupture liberal capitalist democracy.

Communities Not Community

Many may think that the Muslim,‭ ‬Sikh and Hindu communities in Britain have always been divided due to their respective religions,‭ ‬histories and traditions.‭ ‬That is not so.‭ ‬The real divide between these three communities,‭ ‬or religions,‭ ‬only really set in during the‭ ‬1980s.‭ ‬Before then,‭ ‬from the immediate post-war period till the late‭ ‬1970s,‭ ‬Muslims,‭ ‬Sikhs and Hindus lived in the same areas,‭ ‬usually in the inner cities.‭ ‬The great tripartite division began because of multiculturalism,‭ ‬or multicultural policy.‭ ‬The three communities began to inhabit separate areas of cities and towns.‭ ‬The children began to go to different schools.‭ ‬Different institutions and community groups began to cater specifically for Muslims,‭ ‬or specifically for Sikhs,‭ ‬etc.‭ ‬Even youth clubs were demarcated according to religious or ethnic affiliation.‭ ‬That was the new reality of multiculturalism.‭ ‬Not different communities and different religions living together‭; ‬but different communities and religions living apart but within a cauldron of general multiculturalism‭; ‬which nevertheless stressed difference rather than commonality.‭ ‬In the Bradford Moor area of Bradford,‭ ‬for example,‭ ‬in the late seventies and very early‭ ‬80s,‭ ‬Sikhs lived next door to Muslims,‭ ‬who lived next door to Hindus.‭ ‬By the early‭ ‬1990s,‭ ‬the whole area was Muslim.‭ ‬The Sikhs and Hindus had gone elsewhere.

And once the bait had been laid down,‭ ‬it wasn’t long before there were strong demands for separate Muslim schools,‭ ‬the separation of‭ (‬Muslim‭) ‬girls and boys,‭ ‬demands for halal meat to be served at Muslim schools and also at non-Muslim schools,‭ ‬and so on.‭ ‬And once such separatism had been achieved,‭ ‬it was no wonder that Islamic militancy and even calls for jihad began to be heard in the streets of Bradford,‭ ‬Birmingham, Luton and elsewhere.

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