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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tommy Robinson - a three-year ban from the EDL?

Whether Tommy Robinson is guilty or not, the potential three-year ban from all EDL demos and activities will be a big blow for both Tommy himself and the EDL as a whole. Up until now he’s been an effective leader with lots of strong support right through the EDL. (And he manages to do all this despite his allergy to computers and never going on Face Book.)

A three-year ban from all EDL demos and activities? I’ve never heard of a punishment like that. There is the length, firstly. Three years seems very severe for a head but, even if TB did do it, tonight alone there will be hundreds of such acts, and worse, across the country. Will all the guilty parties in these cases receive three-year bans from, say, the Conservative Party or the Labour Party? Let’s remind the law that the EDL is a legal organisation. Thus TR is being banned from a legal organisation. This is something very new and unique.

I wonder what Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty thinks about this? Oh! I forgot! They won’t give a damn because not only is TR the wrong colour - he’s right wing as well! They wouldn’t touch this case with a bargepole. Non-ethnic-minority patriots are not very important or fashionable nowadays. However, the EDL should get other expert legal minds on this. (I’ll chip in a quid.) Something stinks here and a good lawyer could sort it out in no time.

I was at that demo in Blackburn and I didn’t see TR headbutt anyone. He was on the stage surrounded by EDL stewards. The guy who kicked up the fuss was right next to me and he looked well pissed off. Again, I don’t see how - and when - a headbutt could have happened.

There’s a good chance that this punishment is political in nature. After all, a three-year ban may cause untold damage to the EDL... At least that will be what the authorities are hoping. What they don’t realise is that tens of thousands of EDL won’t suddenly wilt away overnight simply because TR has been banned from public speaking. Militant Islamism will still be a threat. Birmingham’s got a new share of Islamoterrorists to deal with. And mosques, radical and not-so-radical, are being built almost every week somewhere in the UK.

We still have to protect this country from the wilful neglect of our politicians and the concomitant Islamophilia-for-votes set-up which is largely responsible for the mess we’re in.

No surrender - with or without Tommy!

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